Falling Asleep Without Trying

A pic I took when I couldn't sleep

A pic I took last month  when I couldn’t sleep. I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on all night when I’m sleeping alone in a hotel room. Sorry energy police.

Don’t you love it when you lay down and then the next thing you know you open your eyes, you’re delirious, not knowing what time it is. You check your phone and your memory comes back to you. It’s 4:32 AM, it’s a Saturday and congratulations, you managed to get some sleep without even trying! Perhaps it’s the adult version of when you were a kid and watching TV in the living room, and the next thing you know you open your eyes and you’re in bed. You wonder how you got there, the last thing you remember is watching a scene in that weird TV show that you thought would be good.

So how did you fall asleep without trying? Maybe it’s the strenuous work these past days, or is it the emotional baggage you carry around with you everywhere? Or maybe the glasses of wine you had at dinner? Or the flu pills you took earlier because of the cold you caught from the chilly air in the plane? Or the anxiety you carry around about work, about the future? Or is it the past haunting you? The dark memories that you visit from time to time that still bring tears to your eyes. The wounds that haven’t healed? Like when you were a kid, when you got a scab and had to cover it with a band aid, you couldn’t help taking a peek now and then to check if it’s covered with new skin or not.

Whatever it is, for whatever reason, it feels so nice to fall asleep without trying. To drift off, without letting your mind be carried away with thoughts. To sleep for 6-7 hours straight, without waking up every 2 hours for no reason.

Reminiscing Christmas

monicantik - christmas tree

Back when I was a kid, we didn’t even have a Christmas tree, let alone presents. I don’t recall tree trimming, cookie baking, or gingerbread house making when I was a child. Using the resources I had, I cut out Christmas pictures that I found from old magazines and sticked them on our windows. For ‘presents’ I wrapped whatever toys I had so it looked like Christmas presents. I remember wrapping our Scrabble game box and putting it near our heater. On Christmas day I’d open them and pretend they were Christmas presents. When I was little, my little brother’s godparent’s family would invite us over for Christmas dinner. My little brother’s godfather’s father was Indonesian and their whole family would invite us over on every major holiday like Christmas, Easter, and Children’s day (they religiously celebrate Children’s day, isn’t it cute?). They treated us as if we were family by blood and gave us presents. I remember Grandma asking me, “Monica, what did Santa get you for Christmas?” and I answered, “Nothing, Grandma. We don’t have a chimney.” Everyone laughed. It’s a fond memory of Christmas that makes me smile every time it crosses my mind.

Thirteen years later, in a different continent and climate, it’s Christmas Eve, and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. It kinda feels weird to actually go Christmas shopping because getting Christmas presents was never a tradition in my family. But we have Christmas trees now in the house so I guess that’s good progress. My mother, strictly enforcing meritocracy, would only get us something if our grades were good. And being the practical person she is, instead of taking the time to pick out something for her children, she simply takes us out to the mall and pick our own ‘present’. I don’t think it’s even a Christmas present, it was more like an end-of-semester prize. She didn’t even wrap them! Well on a positive note, she made sure we got exactly what we wanted. But on the other hand, there was no element of surprise of unwrapping presents. So this year I decided to get something for everyone in the family. If I couldn’t experience the surprise and excitement of unwrapping presents, I might as well give that experience to the people I love most.

These past few days I’ve been getting the same question: “Monica, aren’t you gonna take a few days off? Where are you gonna spend Christmas?” This year is quite special because Christmas is on a Friday, and coincidentally Christmas Eve is on a national holiday because it’s the same day as Maulid Nabi (a Moslem holiday). So basically, taking the other 3 work days off was a favorable option. But I didn’t take that option since my family and I never go out on the holidays. While other Batak people usually return to their homelands in North Sumatera, our family usually celebrates Christmas in Jakarta because most of our family already resides here. The thought of celebrating a quiet and peaceful Christmas else where crossed my mind, but well, maybe next time.

Our other Christmas tree!

Our other Christmas tree!

I wish you all a joyful and meaningful Christmas and wonderful holiday season! Stay safe, happy, and healthy everyone!

Are You Okay?

“Are you okay?” the nun asked me with a concerned look in her eyes. There I was sitting silently on a wooden stool, naked and cold under the robe the nun gave me, my lips quivering and tears running down my cheeks as I waited for my turn to be dipped in the famous miraculous water of Lourdes.


It was more overwhelming than I had ever expected.  Actually to be honest I did not know about this ritual in the first place (thanks to my lack of research prior to the trip). Furthermore, I did not expect the ritual to be so…emotional. My heart (and my head) was flooded with thoughts and emotions: gratitude, sadness, ‘am I really in Lourdes right now?’ , ‘what am I supposed to pray before they dip my body in the water?’, ‘why is God so good after the messy stuff that has happened these recent years’, ‘what is a sinner like me doing here in one of the most cherished destinations by Catholics all over the world?’, and on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt very fortunate to be there in the most surprising and delightful way ever. But who knew a fortunate moment like that would be such a reflective moment. I can’t really claim to be a religious person. Sometimes I hardly pray, let alone read the bible. I don’t participate in church activities other than attending Mass every week (and there were times I did not go to mass for lame reasons). It was overwhelming to actually realize the blessings and unconditional love, despite the countless times I have failed God (which reminds me about a quote I love dearly: I can’t brag about my love for God for I fail him daily, but I can brag about His love for me because it never fails). It was all too much to bear, and before I knew it my eyes became watery. It was kind of embarrassing to cry in front of all the other ladies who were also waiting to be bathed since we were all seated in a tiny chamber, the same place we took off our clothes but I couldn’t stand it. Thank God it was a silent cry, not the sobbing type. But it was still noticeable, thus triggering concern from the nuns who were close to me.

After calming my self down and giving a quick nod to the Nuns that were starting to get concerned from the look on their faces. They kept asking me if I was okay. Explaining to them why wasn’t exactly what I had in mind so I just gave them a forced smile. When it was finally my turn I stood up, the curtains were opened and I took a few steps down toward the tub. It was a tiny marble tub, kind of like a little rectangle shaped pool enough for an average height adult body to fully submerge from head to toe. There were 2 nuns assisting on my left and on my right, holding me to stay on my feet and guided me in to the water. The water was bloody cold. Like super icy cold. I was pretty much chanting ‘This is so cold‘ in my mind. The senior nun, said a prayer, and I responded. I quickly prayed the Hail Mary but then my mind went blank and I just imagined Mother Mary, and mentioned a quick prayer for my brother regarding his uni admissions. I forgot all my intentions about my parents, my family/friends, or my future, my career, and finding Mr. Right (allow me to shamelessly admit that this was one of my intentions on the pilgrimage). All the things that I was supposed to pray for before the dip just vanished as I was just trying to wrap my mind around this overwhelming moment. And then whoosh, I was dipped about neck deep in the water. It was icy cold, but it was so fresh. After a few seconds, the young nuns on my side gently pulled me out and guided me out of the water. I gave the senior nun a sincere smile and thank you. She gave me a warm wish on my way out.

Earlier before the ritual, I felt silly for not preparing very well for I did not bring a towel. But then I was told, I wouldn’t need one. The water will dry instantly, in a matter of seconds. It was true. The distance from the tub to my wooden stool where my clothes were kept was just a few footsteps. When I started to put my clothes back on, my body was dry. The nuns who were concerned about me earlier made sure if I was okay. I finally had the courage to look them in the eye and thankfully gave them an eager nod saying yes and thank you. It was all so bizarre, and yet so invigorating, both to the body and the soul. Afterwards I felt a sense of peace and amazement.

The ritual was strange and unique. To start with, it was a bit startling to be instructed to strip naked in a chamber with around 5 other pilgrims, with a nun holding a robe around my body to cover me as I took off all my clothes, undergarments and accessories. Once I was naked and awkwardly signaling the nun, the robe was swiftly wrapped around my body, kind of like a baby wrapped in a bundle. Being guided, and being immersed in such cold water just made the experience feel very vulnerable. I think that’s what made it feel so overwhelming. Not only were our bodies naked in the process, but it also felt like admitting and showing all our sins, dark secrets, and flaws. All those dark spots that were neatly hidden in the dusty corners of our minds and souls felt as if they were exposed. I guess that was what made it such a moving experience. The bathing ritual was a moment of vulnerability – both physical and psychological. No wonder this ritual is linked to the Sacrament of Confession. It’s too bad that I did not make the time to go to Confession during my trip, but the bathing ritual alone left such a deep impression. I do hope to return and bring my parents there someday. Ave Maria, our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us. Amen.

Paris & Vienna: My First Business Trip Abroad

Well hello there! I sure haven’t written in a while. I’ve come up with random things to write, or a catchy title but those ideas can’t seem to compete with my fatigue and sleepiness as a result from the work load I’ve been enduring these past few months.

Last week I was very fortunate to have the chance to go on my first business trip abroad. By the grace of God, my superior(s) selected me as one of the delegates of the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources for the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris (WGC Paris 2015). The news came in by surprise because at that time work was a feeding frenzy of deadlines and PowerPoint slides. I mean I didn’t expect a (relatively) new hire like me to accept such an assignment. So these past few months I have been busy at work assisting the Director General (then acting, and since early May was officially appointed) so most of the day I’m either at the DG’s floor (the 16th floor), out and about tagging along to assist in meetings or other work related events, instead of my original cubicle floor (the 6th floor).

About 3 weeks ago, a very close coworker of mine texted me to come down to the 6th floor, because there was something urgent that required my attention. Coincidentally I was on my way downstairs from the 16th loor because I had something to fetch from my cubicle. Well, it turns out that my superiors had news to break to me: I was assigned to go to Paris for the World Gas Conference 2015. The first reaction that popped in my mind was a mix of “Kyaaa!!” , “Wait, what?”, “Did I hear that correctly?”,  and “Hold up, did you just say, Paris?” But, well, being the calm and reserved person I am (or had to be at that time, jumping and squealing is totally inappropriate), I kept my cool and solemnly nodded my head and said “Okay, Sir.” as my boss explained the steps I should complete due to the mild complexity of the bureaucratic procedure of international business trips.

Well to start things off, at that time I did not have a service passport. If you’re wondering what a service passport is, well it’s a passport exclusively designed and made for government officials. It’s blue, different from regular passports that are green.

paspor biru

The thing with service passports is, you can’t really apply for one unless you have an official and written reason to go abroad. My mom once told me, months before to quickly apply to make a service passport so I’d have one handy in case I get assigned abroad, but well I can’t without an official invitation or letter that bluntly states my name being assigned for an international business trip. So yeah, at that time I only had about 2 weeks to get everything done, and it was kind of a gambling situation. Luckily, France requires no visa for service passports, so there was still a chance to get all the administration done on time, or at least really really close before I depart. And luckily, again by the grace of God, it was done on time. I received my passport and my exit permit 10 hours before departing. You just have to know how nervous yet numb I was then.

The golden rule I’ve learned over the first year of working in the public sector is to really manage your expectations. Actually it’s best to nullify any expectations you have. Yup, zero expectations is the best way to survive around here. And I’ve heard it over and over again especially during my passport application process. There were real cases of my office seniors applying for visas/exit permits/passport extensions that ended up in failure and they ended up not going. It was bureaucracy, and bureaucracy isn’t exactly science or a natural phenomena with predictable parameters that can be calculated with formulas. There were many x-factors that can turn out to be huge hinderances. So I did my part, submit the requirements, and pray. Pray that the person in charge of signing the documents isn’t out of town or isn’t too busy to sign them on time. Pray that the person in charge of passport application is healthy and in a good mood. Well I guess praying indicates a glimmer of expectation or hope I had, but frankly I couldn’t help it. I’m young, new, and still very excited about this kind of thing. So I ended up surrendering it to God, if the assignment was meant to be mine, it will be, if not, so be it, at least I’ve done my part. And besides, I had other things that required my attention so worrying about the documents was a waste of energy. And unlike previous trips abroad that had me excited weeks before departing, frankly I wasn’t as excited at all. I guess I was really exercising the ‘No expectations.‘ rule. Haha.

So finally the day of departure came. It was sort of dreadful because I was left hanging with no passport in hand on the day of departure. But after some gruesome hours of waiting in vain, the passport was done and I could finally say: I’m going to Paris. I finished my packing and last minute preparations and off I went. I flew with Garuda Airlines and it sure added a lot of miles to my Garuda Frequent Flyer card, though I ended up still being a silver and 7095 miles away from being upgraded to Gold haha. The flight was about 16 hours in total: 14 hours 20 minutes from Jakarta to Amsterdam and a little over an hour from Amsterdam to Paris, with a short layover in Amsterdam. On the flight to Amsterdam I watched Before Sunrise (one of my favorite movies) and I realized that the movie was shot in Vienna, and Celine was on her way to Paris. What a coincidence haha. After the long flight and desperation to take a shower, finally: Paris! It was my first time to Europe, I’ve never been to Europe before. So it was exciting, especially when my eager eyes spotted the Eiffel tower for the very first time, even from a very far distance. My heart jumped and I squealed with glee. All this time I’ve only seen the Eiffel Tower on Tumblr/or other people’s Instagram/Facebook photos, and here I am seeing it for myself.

So after reaching our hotel, I freshened up and decided to take a walk. It was cold. Before departing I checked the weather online and anticipated temperatures to be around 20-21 degrees Celsius. When we arrived it was 11-13 degrees Celsius. Chilly! Thank God I brought my spring coat and some sweaters so I layered up. Resting was not on my mind at that time.

Mercure Opera Louvre

my hotel room in Mercure Opera Louvre, Paris. I had the room to myself, thank God I don’t have any issues with sleeping alone in hotel rooms (I know people who are scared of that)

It turned out that our hotel was only a 15 minute walk from the Louvre so I took a walk and walked there, took some pics. I also met up with my college senior who works in Saipem, Paris. We went to the Eiffel Tower and ate churros (locally called Chi-Chis) and had some hot cocoa by the Seine.

it was a cloudy day in Paris

it was a cloudy day in Paris

After the day of the arrival and a rather smooth transition (no jet lag whatsoever) to the time there (it was summer so it got dark at around 9 – 10 PM) the real work started: World Gas Conference 2015! It was a lot like the IPA Convex earlier in JCC, Jakarta, only it was bigger! Due to my limited time at the conference, I really savored every detail, took notes and pictures. Compared to the OPEC Seminar, this conference was heavily dominated by private sector participants (obviously). So it was an interesting experience to taste the best of both worlds.

Being a delegate in WGC Paris 2015 :)

Being a delegate in WGC Paris 2015 :)

Hanging out with Bu Lies Kurniasih at Pertamina's impressive stand at WGC Paris 2015

Hanging out with Bu Lies Kurniasih at Pertamina’s impressive stand at WGC Paris 2015: that’s a touch screen table like the ones in movies

Next Destination: Vienna!

A day before the departure date, my Director notified me that I was assigned to join to assist the Minister’s group in Vienna. So, on the 3rd and 4th of June, the Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources along with top officials from the ministry, including my bosses, both my Director and Director General, and officials from Indonesia’s very own National Oil Company was set to go to the 6th International OPEC Seminar in Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria. I guess that event was a precious moment to initiate (and continue) dialogue with oil producing countries for cooperation in the energy sector. It was also an attempt for Indonesia to rejoin OPEC. So a day before the departure date, my boss summoned me to his office and told me that I was assigned to join the group in Vienna to assist during those 2 days. There weren’t any staff from the DG of Oil & Gas coming to the event other than the international cooperation section head, so I guess they could use an extra pair of hands to help out. So that meant I had to make some calls for trip arrangements, from Paris to Vienna, and the way back. And that also meant I have to leave the conference for 2 days. An assignment is assignment, and it has to be finished. So it was another new experience for me: a business trip abroad and assisting the minister’s group. And receiving that assignment, I made a mental note of things I had to prepare for that trip like: the dress code, briefing sheets, folders, memorize the event schedule, and some basic facts of the event and other related material. I repeated over and over again in my head: ‘Don’t mess up. You can do this. Don’t mess up. You can do this.‘ Yeah I have a serious streak when it comes to assignments.

So on June 2nd, I had to take the night flight to Vienna using Austrian Airlines. Honestly I had mixed feelings about the whole trip. Before departing, someone repeatedly asked me if I was brave enough to fly on my own to Vienna. But I assured him that I’ll be fine. I flew from New York to Jakarta alone 2 years ago, so the 2 hour flight shouldn’t have been such a hassle. Well, I was wrong. It seemed that Murphy’s law proved itself during that day. The traffic was horrendous, the zipper on my skirt broke (trust me this had nothing to do with the carbs I’ve been gulping since I got there haha), and there was a glitch when I checked in: the airline guy was unaware of the visa free policy for Indonesian service passports. But after a little patience everything turned out to be OK. The airplane had an old feel to it, and I usually find it tricky to adjust to new airlines, so I thought I could use a glass of wine to fall asleep, or at least to relax a bit.

The famous hazelnut wafer and a glass of wine

The famous hazelnut wafer and a glass of wine

I got to Vienna at night (which meant another night of sleep deprivation). The OPEC seminar was on the next day so I had to be on top of my game. Tagging along a group of bosses meant that you have to stand by, be sharp and alert for on the spot & spontaneous errands. Thank God I made the decision to buy an Orange SIM Card so coordination and communication was not Wi-Fi dependent (which can be a pain in the ass when you’re abroad since not all public places have free and reliable Wi-Fi). Buying an Orange SIM Card ended up being cheaper than activating Indosat roaming so it was a good deal. For 40 euros I got 1 GB of data for 2 weeks, and a lot of free texts and calls. And I could use the SIM Card outside of France too so it was great.

With the minister (Menteri ESDM), DG of Oil and Gas (Dirjen Migas), commisioner of Pertamina (Tanri Abeng)

With the minister Pak Sudirman Said (Menteri ESDM), Pak IGN Wiratmaja DG of Oil and Gas (Dirjen Migas), Pak Wawan Head of UPK ESDM, Pak Agus my director, Pak Sentot the section head of international affairs, Pak Tanri Abeng commisioner of Pertamina, and officials from the Indonesian Embassy

On the morning of June 3rd we walked from the hotel to Hofburg Palace. I was the only girl in the group and I had heels on (not wedges, sigh). So I had to keep up with the group. There was this guy from the embassy who took pictures along the walk to Hofburg Palace and my face in the pictures was really full of struggle haha. The seminar was interesting and it was held in this fancy palace. The OPEC Seminar reminded me a lot about Model UN. Each country read aloud their position papers and outside the conference room there was a lot of unmoderated caucus going on. In Model UN, unmoderated caucus is where the real business happens. It’s when delegates informally meet to negotiate. I guess the OPEC Seminar was the real deal. Outside the room, the committee provided meeting rooms for bilateral meetings between countries, mostly represented by their energy/petroleum ministers which also meant an exchange of souvenirs between countries. During that event, the Indonesian minister got to meet with ministers from Saudi Arabia, UEA, Iran, Iraq, Angola, and Kuwait.

the room of the seminar

the room where the seminar was held

In front of Hofburg Palace

In front of Hofburg Palace

Well it turned out on the day of the seminar I had some spare hours. Luckily the venue was only a brief stroll from Volksgarten, a beautiful garden with pretty flowers. I love flowers. It was a hot day so I took off my blazer and cooled off in the shade enjoying the sight of pretty, blooming flowers.

the pretty garden

the pretty garden

Me in Volksgarten. The weather was so hot, my skin got really itchy from sweating too much

Me in Volksgarten. The weather was so hot, my skin got really itchy from sweating too much.

So after 2 days of negotiation, the group flew to Azerbaizan for another bilateral meeting, and I flew back to Paris to resume my participation in WGC. Before departing with the ESDM group, we had the chance to hang out a bit. It was a rare opportunity to be in the same table with these bosses to have some ice cream. I made this mental note to really work on my small talk.

When I returned to Paris, it was also hot (what a drastic change of weather in one week)! The rule of thumb of zero expectations was also applied. Don’t expect to have enough time (or energy) to explore the city, or well to multitask work with traveling (I learned this over my months assisting the DG). During my trip to Vienna I planned to explore the city using the iconic public transportation (if I had the opportunity) but I ended up being way too tired until my boss called me to join for dinner with the minister and the CEO of Pertamina.

Thank God the whole trip went well. I’m really thankful for the helpful people along the way. I also didn’t lose my wallet or anything like how everyone warned me. Even though I didn’t explore Paris (I didn’t go in the Louvre or any other museum, I didn’t go on the Seine cruise, I didn’t go up on Eiffel Tower, I didn’t enjoy macaroons at the Laduree in Champs Elysees), it was still a great experience for learning and networking. I bumped into a couple of seniors from the ITB Chemical Engineering Department also attending the conference, Mrs. Isabella Hutahaean (TK93) and Mr. Nanang Untung (TK77). We had really insightful conversations.

At first it was overwhelming to be the single delegate from the ministry since there weren’t any seniors from my office coming to the World Gas Conference. I was also the youngest. It was a bit intimidating at first since most of the people going there were very experienced with 10-30 years of experience, compared to the newbie I am with only one year of experience. But I decided to turn that into a challenge and just be the wide eyed kid eagerly learning about everything. There were a lot of conference materials and annual reports about gas from the International Gas Union at the conference and I took all of them home to study. Another interesting thing is, I’ve already known about WGC from last year. Last year when it was open for abstract submission I was thinking of submitting an article about policies regarding natural gas. But I wasn’t confident and the application fee was a significant sum (with the current funding system that is quite rigid, I doubted that I could get funding from the office), so I ended up not writing anything. Since I plan to study abroad, I thought getting my writing published and presented in seminars would be very good for skill building, experience building and also CV building. And I do enjoy writing. That’s why after WGC, I hoped that one day I can present my paper in the next WGC or any other international seminar on energy/oil and gas. Actually after the conference I got an idea to consider to focus on natural gas for my master’s degree since it’s such a relevant and interesting topic, but hey clearly that’s subject to discussion. But all in all it was a very nice highlight to my year (so far). I mean this will become a memory I’d like to remember one day and tell my grandkids “When Grandma was 23 years old, she went to Paris and Vienna on her own …. “ :)

To sum up, it was my first time to Europe, it was for business, and I do hope to return one day, for business or pleasure, but if it’s for pleasure hopefully it would be without my laptop haha and definitely not alone ;)

2014 in Retrospect

monicantik - phd acceptance letter2014 is the year I chose a career path beyond my expectation, I declined a PhD scholarship and career opportunity in the United States, and the year I lost my (dare I say) college crush in the MH370 airplane mystery.

When I thought 2013 was a crazy year, well 2014 was nothing short of that.

The New Job

2014 started off with the long awaited announcement stating that I passed the qualification round to work for a certain ministry, and three months later, BAM, I’m sitting in an office, wearing grown up clothes and adapting to a way new environment with a wide spectrum of personalities, and when I say wide, I mean really wide. I’ve come across personalities I’ve never encountered before. Seriously. It struck me of how lucky I was to be surrounded with great people before entering the workforce. In terms of interpersonal relationships, I’ve dealt with tough situations in 2014.

In contrast to the challenging people I mentioned above, surprisingly I also got a new, awesome group of friends. To start with, there are 3 new recruits in our unit and we get along really well. I certainly can’t imagine if I had to enter this new environment on my own. In a place with such a wide age range, it’s relieving that you have a small comfort zone of people around your age. Trust me, this little circle has been a great buffer in particularly tricky situations. Besides the guys in our unit, I also got a great group of friends from the initial new recruit training in Cepu. Seriously, at first, getting Cepu for that training was dreadful to me,  but it turned out to be the most awesome month of the year. One month away from our cubicles, Jakarta traffic to go to classes that are just steps away from our bedroom doors and have the weekends off to travel to nearby recreational spots turned out to be awesome beyond expectation. I never thought that I would actually get a group of friends where we can totally hang out (and even travel together, we spent a weekend snorkeling at Pulau Pari) and tease each other in this kind of environment. I mean seriously, you can’t lightly say ‘Anjir‘ or ‘tai ah‘ in a formal office environment like mine, like we usually do with our college buddies so yeah, to gain a group of friends that are the same frequency as you are was really a treat. We actually went on running competitions several times too.

About the work. The work itself is interesting. I had no idea, before actually sitting in my seat, of what I was assigned to do exactly (this is because the information in the recruitment announcement does not state the scope of tasks and responsibilities of the position). And it turned out to be totally different from my projection and what I learned in school (well obviously I didn’t expect to see chemical processes, P&ID’s either) but still…it was a fresh start. An (outgoing) introverted engineering graduate that spent most of her months after graduating in a lab, was assigned to go on business trips to oil and gas company sites to represent the central government (the ministry) in monitoring the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility, specifically community development programs, meet the local government, and engage with the community (described with the popularly used term: blusukan). So yeah, this was the ultimate exercise of small talk and communication. Well CSR is not the only responsibility of my position, but I guess I decided to highlight because it was..well beyond my expectation :”)


September 2014 : Our visit to Tangguh, West Papua

I guess it’s safe to say that the new job enabled me to go to a lot of places. So, I kinda got used to flying every once in a while and discover that sometimes business trips can get quite lonely. To think of it, I actually ‘celebrated’ my 23rd birthday during a business trip to Aceh, on a bus from Banda Aceh to Lhokseumawe. Yup. No surprise parties, or cute packages sent, no birthday wishes (I was too shy to announce it was my birthday today to everyone on the bus).

celebrating my 23rd birthday with a long bus trip to Lhokseumawe

celebrating my 23rd birthday with a long bus trip to Lhokseumawe and treated my taste buds with amazing Aceh food 

Besides communication, my first months in the ministry gave me valuable experience on the importance of being critical and meticulous. Bureaucracy needs getting used to and keeping an open yet critical mind in this environment is a challenge itself. ‘Why did you decide to work in the government’ is a frequently asked question. People would give me confused looks and wonder out loud why I didn’t apply for a job at multinational companies or state owned companies. I just simply state I wanted to.

The Letter of Acceptance

As some of you may know, in 2013 after graduating I stayed in Bandung for graduate school admissions preparation. After accepting a few letters of rejection over the first few months of 2014, and after signing the contract with the job at the ministry, and after my first few weeks working in the ministry……BOOM. I open my Gmail account and I see an email from a professor saying that he would like to interview me via Skype. My dad was so fussy about this (because he’s the one who really really wants me to get my PhD right after graduating), he actually wanted to rent me a meeting room in a hotel and I’m like….what for. So I ended up having the interview in his office room and it went well. And a few days later, he tells me I got in (as pictured above). Ironically, I opened the email at the office. I told my close friends, and even my best friend congratulated me on Path (when at that time, I haven’t even decided yet whether or not to take the offer or not). So here I am at a crossroad in my life. It was either to stick to my career here and delay graduate school in hopes of finding a better school with a program that fits to my needs and career aspirations or resign from a job that I just got in for 2 weeks or so and enter a PhD program in Chemical Engineering with zero work experience whatsoever at the age of 22 with an opportunity to work abroad (since the scholarship was from the university, I had not obligation to return to Indonesia, unlike scholarships from governmental organizations). As always in situations like this I turn to my parents. I simply don’t do as they say because I have my own considerations but I highly value their input. One parent strongly urged me to quit my job and take the offer; and the other parent urged me to wait and apply for a better school and a program that is a better match. It was tricky for me as well. To be completely honest, the thought of spending the next of my 5 years (and that is even if I pass the qualification exam before 3 years of research) getting a PhD in Chemical Engineering was scary. During my undergraduate study, I passed through each subject adequately but not exactly with flying colors. Group study was a true life saver for me. I looked to Quora to get insights from real PhD students about what the fuss is about, and from that I concluded that it took grit and passion. Especially in PhD it’s all about depth not breadth.

So you’re probably wondering: so why bother to apply in the first place?

Well after the 2013 trip to the US and my visit to schools, my dad really wanted me to apply to PhD programs after graduating from ITB.

This is where I get a lot of questions: wait, how is it possible to get a PhD if you haven’t even have a Masters degree yet?

Well it’s possible. But you have to have sufficient research experience to get in. So that’s why I decided to spend about half a year on campus to gain such experience by being a research assistant in one of my professors’ lab.

Okay back to my dad’s fantastic support. So he was really eager about me applying for graduate school, not to mention he paid for everything: two times taking the GRE, one time taking the TOEFL iBT, and the admission fee for almost a dozen of schools which can total to a hefty sum of money. And for me, as a fresh graduate still uncertain of what I wanted to do, I just thought, well why not. So yeah I applied, with the help of amazing mentors from Indonesia Mengglobal’s Mentorship program. For the few months of 2014, my Gmail would occasionally pop up with a notification of my application status and until April, all notifications stated that I failed to be admitted. In April I got that interview email, and shortly later I got in. Well, it was the program of my safe school. And in a research field I never intended to specialize in the first place. So, after doing a lot of thinking, reading, and just meditating to really get a clear sound of my intuition within (I rely a lot on my gut on important matters like this), I declined the offer. Of course, graduate school is definitely a milestone I would like to achieve, but hopefully in a different program, different school, and obviously different year. This decision often shocks people (only a few know my story). They think it was such a waste to throw away such a fantastic opportunity, but hey I did it for the better. I was scared my father would be disappointed, but thank God, to my surprise my decision did not disappoint him. I have a friend who shares a house with an SBM-ITB PhD student from Singapore. My friend told him about how I declined the PhD admission and he was pretty much dumbfounded. When I met him, I just told him I wanted to get married first (which is still a huge mystery about who I am getting married to haha).

The Tragedy

2014 is the year of the MH370 tragedy that took away a guy I knew and liked in college. Well. Yeah. We all have that college senior (or some college seniors) we look up to and admire, not necessarily in a sentimental way, but admire in general. And the AirAsia tragedy that happened in the end of 2014 was a sad reminder of the lack of closure the MH370 tragedy left us. I got pretty emotional on Christmas Eve, in mass during the candle lighting while singing Silent Night (my favorite part of Christmas) because all I could think was, oh dear it’s his family’s first Christmas without him. I just hope that there’s a clear (and happy) ending to this, with solid proof and the long desired closure.

On My Personal Life

Well. I won’t disclose much about this here. But I’d say, on this area, 2014 was quite interesting. I guess 2014 was a year of adjustment in the dating aspect of my life since I’ve moved back home, the rules have shifted a bit. Back in Bandung, it was much more flexible and I never minded if a guy couldn’t pick me up or drive me home. Going out in the middle of the night to get a warm meal or just drive around was also OK for me. No big deal. But, here being back at home and sharing a roof with my parents have made things quite different. First of all it’s the curfew. If I’m not home by 9 PM my phone would ring with ‘where are you’ texts and frantic ‘where are you, do you know what time this is’ calls. Second it’s the weird rule my mom applies. My mom is really fussy when it comes to dates and guys. She obliges guys, even if they’re just friends, to pick me up at home and return me back home. She doesn’t care if they don’t drive their own cars, but she emphasizes on the responsibility. I was quite tough on her for that particular thing, being the practical person I am, it is kinda easier to meet up somewhere and, besides, I don’t mind taking a cab back home on my own, but she insists so for my own safety and my parents’ own relief (especially after the taxi related incidents that frequently occurred in 2014). So yeah. This actually became an issue in one of 2014’s dating experiences and yeah, oh well. Well my best friend, Tyas, boldly said to me: well if a guy can’t respect your parents’ rules, he’s not worth it. I guess everyone needs a best friend like her in their life, that can boldly and rationally say stuff in your face, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

On Having Fun…and Having a Dog

2014 was a fun year. Java Jazz Festival 2014 was cool, my friends and I got to see Jammie Cullum from a really close distance, but I wasn’t lucky enough to hold his hand. Since new recruits couldn’t ask for days off, so getaways were only done on weekends, and on weekends you can’t really go far…so yeah, travelling far is definitely on the bucket list once we can get days off.

Padma Hotel Bandung, December 2014

Padma Hotel Bandung, December 2014

Novotel Bogor, 2014

Novotel Bogor, 2014

Snorkeling at Pulau Pari, 2014

Snorkeling at Pulau Pari, 2014

2014 is the first time ever my family owned a dog. It took getting used to. I remember being too freaked out to actually touch it. But now I just can’t help petting him. Even on trips, I miss my dog so much.

our dog, Cappucinno

our dog, Cappucinno

On Fitness and Beauty

Well the Monicantik blog wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of my beauty/skin care routine.

On fitness..well I gained a lot of weight this year. I managed to work out on weekends, but sadly inconsistently. It was really hard to resist food, especially on business trips and at the office when there’s always something to munch.

The infamous black pepper crabs from Restoran Dandito, Balikpapan

The infamous black pepper crabs from Restoran Dandito, Balikpapan. This is an example of the stuff I gotta learn to resist (what a challenge!)

Just after Christmas I started the infamous dr. Tan diet (replacing rice/pasta/noodles/potatoes/bread carbs with fruits and vegetables) and so far in a week I’ve lost 2 kilograms. Sticking to it is very challenging, I must say. I’m still a loyal member of Celebrity Fitness (just one club in Lotte Mart Bintaro). Well there’s a Yogalates studio opening soon in Setiabudi, just a 5 minute stroll from my office but I haven’t decided to enroll yet. I got my own Yoga mat to do some moves at home though. Oh and it’s pink. Yeah, that’s important.

Well 2014 is the year I started wearing lipstick. Yup, I used to hate hate hate wearing lipstick. But somehow, out of the blue I decided I want to try playing with lip color. So I experimented with a number of lip products including MAC, NYX, and The Body Shop. Besides that I also revamped my face makeup kit with a new MAC brush, Make Up For Ever foundation, concealer, and primer, and Benefit’s Porefessional. I’m still using MAC Studio Fix Compact Foundation and NYX Pore Filler.

monicantik - cosmetics porefessional MUFE Bobbi Brown

le beauty kit



For my eyes, I use ELF’s brow kit in Dark, Physician’s Formula’s eyeliner, and NYX’s Propel My Eyes mascara. Another highlight in 2014 is this is the year I started using contact lenses. I ordered them online from Eyelovin.com. So far my staple lenses are Eyescream Rayray Grey and Belle Honey.

In terms of treatment, I am still faithfully using dr. Rani Novian’s skin care products, mainly the Whitening SPF 25 Sunblock, and night creams: the Obaji Retin A:Glycore 3:1; Equinon; and Prebase for dry and peeled patches of skin that occasionally appear. For other facial skin treatment, I regularly mask my skin using facial masks from Neogence I got during my visit to Singapore. Now I’m actually waiting for my Glamglow sample set to arrive (I ordered one online) and I’m eager to try that too. In 2014 I did not go through any major facial treatments such as lasers or facials and I’m planning to get the Ematrix laser treatment this year.

This year I kept my hair long with layers as usual. I have this amazing hairstylist, Thio that works in the Irwan Team salon in Bintaro. He consistently gives me a hair style that makes my hair appear to have volume (when it’s actually quite limp) and that looks even better weeks after the hair cut. This year I used Hair Growth shampoo for most of the year, perhaps this is the only locally made hair loss shampoo that does not give me dry, broom-like hair. At the end of the year, I ordered Mane n Tail from Luxola (the original kind not Herbal Gro) and so far so good. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in hair loss and hair growth (I’ve only used it for about a week) but it hasn’t shown any negative effects either so I’m keen on continuing usage and probably combining it with the Herbal Gro spray.

For body treatment, I’m still using Kojie San as my body soap to whiten my skin (my love for fun in the sun must be compensated with intensive whitening efforts haha) and after that I also use Cottage’s Vanilla shower cream (it smells so nice). Oh on 2014 I signed up for an underarm laser treatment for hair removal and underarm skin improvement at Tokyo Beauty Laboratory.

~To Sum Up~

2014 was an amazing, crazy, mind blowing year of adjustment and endless learning. Moving back to Jakarta, and starting the life of a young adult living and working in Jakarta was great overall.

I truly wonder what 2015 has in store.


On Failed Attempts and Love Lost


Sometimes you get so used to being the one left behind, it’s weird, and surprisingly painful, when you’re the one leaving. The remorse of the failed attempt of the so-called relationship is weighed down by the guilt of being the one who called it quits. For a change, you’re the one that stopped fighting. You’re the one who threw in the towel. But remind yourself that you’ve fought. You’ve fought hard. You’ve compromised. You’ve tolerated things beyond your usual limits, in the name of love and commitmentYou stood up for his faults in front of your loved ones.

But things do not turn out as you had expected. Your emotions tell you to stay. To hold on to hope that things will magically improve. You remember that quote: kill them with kindness. You are the tender, wholeheartedly loving and forgiving lady. But there is a fine line between being loving and being blinded. You hope that one day he’ll realize the disparity in this confinement of a relationship. You hope that one day he sees how delicate you are beneath those layers of self sufficiency. You hope that one day he can make some tweaks here and there to make this work. You hope that your sweet and tender presence can bring out that part of him you dreamed to exist. But honey, you have no power to change a man. No one does, other than that man himself.

Your brain and your best friend tell you to bail. As they say, if you have to bail, bail early. Because it’s easier to get out of a relationship than to get out of a marriage.

Even in the final moments of letting go, you still do your best to carefully choose your words to minimize hurt feelings, while on the other hand he does the complete opposite. Even in the end you feel guilty of breaking his heart. You forget all the times he has broken yours. Your friends tell you that you are too nice. The thing is, you remember all too well the pain of being let go. At times like this empathy is more of a curse than a blessing. You try your best not to feel his pain of being let go. Your logic and the support of your best friend buffer that pain. Do remember that every one deserves a happy ending….and a fresh start. And at times you have to respect yourself to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.

So next time, when you cry yourself to sleep or when you wake up with that ache in that place they say where the heart is. When you find out that the sadness creeping in is not a dream, it is the bitter reality, the result of your brave decision to save yourself. Remind yourself that you’ve done the right thing. This pain is temporary. It’ll end. Maybe soon. Maybe later. But it will.

And when that pain ends, do not let these failed attempts define your self worth. Do not ever think that your failed encounters mean you are not worth of a successful encounter. Remember that quote you love, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent? Engrave it in your mind. Do not let this be a reason to push away people, to give in to fear of vulnerability to future failures. At the same time, do not let yourself fall in that same trap ever again.

Because honey, you deserve so much better.

A Night Drive With Nowhere to Go

night drive

Sometimes all you need is a night drive. With good music and good company. And absolutely nowhere to go. No predetermined destination. No reservation at a restaurant, no movie to see, or friends to meet. Just you, your driving companion, a damn good playlist or a radio station that completely understands you and a long road of endless possibilities.

When malls become unbearably loud and crowded, or when you lose taste at hitting the so called hip yet overpriced spots in town, when staying idle at home is boring and you feel the urge to get out of the house, a random night drive is the right fit. The freedom of not having to chase a movie screening time, or simply not having to be somewhere at a given time is a sweet release from a life of schedules and routines.

First of all it’s the seating position. You behind the wheel, me besides you. These seats are strategically and frustratingly the perfect example of so-close-yet-so-far. We’re so close that I can steal glances at the twinkle in your eyes when you smile when you’re telling a story from your childhood. We’re so close that I can sense just a faint smell of your delicious scent, a mix of masculinity, your laundry softener, and cologne (?). We’re so close that I can reach out my arm to playfully touch your hair, or fiddle with your ear. We’re so close that you can touch my hair or squeeze my fat arm from time to time. But amid that closeness exists a frustrating 25 cm distance between us. We’re so far that I can’t comfortably put my head on your shoulder. We’re so far that I can’t cup your face in my hands or feel the thin bristles of your facial hair and feel how they tickle the tips of my fingers. This so-close-yet-so-far seating arrangement just makes the night drive cozy. We’re close enough to appreciate each other’s presence yet far enough to long for more. But night drives aren’t only for people in love or people who are on their way to being in love. A night drive with a good friend is also enjoyable. It’s a good exercise of self control. Even though the mood is right to put your arm on his shoulder, you hold back. We’re just friends. Let’s not make this weird. Let’s just enjoy this like old buddies.

It is in these night drives that I can connect with you. It’s in these night drives that we can go rambling on about the little details we see on the way, or how we wonder where the parents of these homeless children are, or how we ramble on about how work has been, or about the places you want to visit, or your desire to start a healthy lifestyle, or that vehicle you want to possess. It’s in these nights that we can go from chatting to complete silence without feeling awkward. It’s in these night drives that we can have a conversation so deep, that the silence that falls after it opens a new chapter of deep thought that is far from awkward. But in the middle of that silence, our song plays and interrupts. Well, maybe it is not necessarily our song, but a song we both know by heart. A song that triggers a memory. We start singing along and after that one of us tells a story behind that song. This is the song that I sang for the first time on stage. This is the song that my teacher made us sing for English class.  This is the song that I played for my first love in middle school.

A night drive with nowhere to go.

Well maybe you make a few stops here and there. One of us gets thirsty, so we stop and get a cup of hot coffee. I fetch us some snacks just in case you’ll get hungry (when in most cases it is me that gets hungry first). Or maybe there’s a spot on top of a hill where the view of the city lights is pretty. We stop there for a few minutes, a few hours. The radio’s on and it’s playing a mix meticulously made for a night like this. Maybe one of us falls asleep. One of us watches the other one sleeps. Or maybe none of us sleeps and we continue driving. We make an impulsive decision to see the sunrise at a mountain that’s maybe 2 hours from here. Or we make another impulsive decision to go on a memory-lane-tour and pass by the schools you attended and places you used to hang out. Or maybe we make an impulsive decision to buy food and milk and give them out to homeless children. These impulses reveal a certain side of us, you or me, that may not show in other instances. And these small impulses that we choose to follow through on this silly night drive become memories we might laugh or smile at in the future.

Sometimes all you need is a night drive.

*This is a work of fiction, and pretty much sums up my idea of a night drive that I’d like to have in the future, when the time is right.*

Masuk Kementerian ESDM Lewat Tes CPNS 2013

Aloha semuanya! Memasuki bulan Agustus, di media massa sudah terdengar heboh-heboh mau CPNS. Sehubungan dengan hal tersebut (ce ileh bahasa gue surat banget yak hahaha), udah banyak juga temen-temen yang menjapri gue dengan bombardir pertanyaan seputar CPNS, seperti pakai buku apa, ada formasi untuk jurusan apa saja, tahap tesnya apa saja, dan lainnya. Akhirnya daripada gue repost gan terus menerus ke orang-orang, gue putuskan untuk menuangkannya di blog saja, hitung-hitung membantu banyak orang. Buat disclaimer saja, saat ini gue termasuk salah satu dari sekitar 400-an CPNS di Kementerian ESDM yang ikut tes CPNS 2013 dan masuk mulai April 2014 jadi seputar pengalaman ikut seleksi masih (lumayan) seger di otak. Pada saat masa-masa seleksi tersebut, gue pun mengubek-ubek Google, mencari blog, buka-buka forum untuk mencari info yang komprehensif tentang CPNS, terutama untuk Kementerian ESDM karena CPNS untuk setiap kementerian dan lembaga itu cukup variatif ya tahapan dan timelinenya. Agak sulit memang karena infonya tercecer dan seringkali hasil Google search results yang cukup menjanjikan, eh ternyata PHP, iklan buku/software latihan soal CPNS. Huftness.

Jadi, pas gue tes CPNS, portal resmi semua informasi seputar tes CPNS Kementerian ESDM itu lewat situs yang gue screenshot ke bawah. Unlike rekrutmen perusahaan yang biasa lewat portal Experd, atau bahkan yang orang HRnya menghubungi secara pribadi lewat email atau bahkan tilpun, informasi CPNS Kementerian ESDM itu lewat satu pintu: website cpns2013.esdm.go.id :D Info lewat media sosial pun nggak ada. Jadi selama proses seleksi emang kerjaan gue tiap pagi siang sore ya mantau website ini. Terutama buat liat tulisan merah Updated nya berubah tanggalnya. Karena kan, ya kayak gue bilang di atas, kalau ada update terbaru nggak ada pemberitahuan via email. Jadi kudu kita yang proaktif ngecek terus bro. Informasi di website ini semuanya bentuknya PDF-PDF jadi kalau buka di HP yang jadul rada-rada susah.

online platform

Online Platform informasi seleksi tes CPNS ESDM.


Timeline Seleksi

Timeline. Perihal waktu itu vital banget ya, bahkan buat gue yang pada saat itu freshgrad dengan kerjaan fleksibel (proyekan dosen) juga gelisah soal waktu. Gue aja yang freelancer gelisah, gimana yang statusnya karyawan dan harus resign dengan 3-weeks notice gitu kan? I bet a lot of you are wondering about the timeline, dan sayangnya pada saat itu, di portal informasi memang tidak ada info apapun tentang timeline dari awal sampai akhir. Paling banter ya tanggal tes tahap berikutnya, tapi soal kapan pengumuman keluar, itu nggak pernah jelas kapan, hanya Tuhan dan panitia penyelenggara yang tahu. So, to get a picture of how it went this year kira-kira begini:

  • Tes Kemampuan Dasar: Oktober (akhir)
  • Tes Kemampuan Bidang: November (akhir)
  • Pengumuman Akhir Lulus CPNS: Januari (awal)
  • Daftar Ulang dan Melengkapi Berkas: Januari (tengah)
  • Mulai aktif kerja: April (awal, tanggal 1)

Tahap Tes

Tahap tes yang dilalui untuk CPNS Kementerian ESDM antara lain:

1. Seleksi Administrasi

Jadi di awal itu, portal resmi merilis pengumuman umum soal deadline seleksi administrasi, dan apa aja yang harus dikirim (via pos loh pake amplop coklat) sama pendaftaran online buat ngeprint kartu peserta. Nah, selain itu, PDF yang isinya daftar formasi (formasi itu istilah yang dipake yang artinya posisi) per jurusan juga dirilis. Dan formasi itu ada kuotanya. Contohnya untuk Calon Inspektur jurusan X kuotanya 6 gitu misalnya. Untuk CPNS tahun 2013, kita disuruh milih 3 formasi (kayak ujian masuk PTN gitu lah milih 3 jurusan), pilihan pertama, kedua, ketiga apa dari sekian banyak formasi yang di situ. Milihnya juga sesuai jurusan. Lo nggak bisa milih formasi yang bukan diperuntukkan buat jurusan lo. Untuk TOEFL, ya kalau di ESDM nggak mewajibkan, tapi untuk beberapa formasi iya, contohnya kalau di Ditjen Migas, formasi calon inspektur migas itu mewajibkan skor TOEFL (prediction juga diterima kok), 450 kalau nggak salah. Ya seleksi administrasi ya standarlah ya, tinggal ikutin aja sesuai arahan yang ada di situs resmi, siapin dengan benar, dan kirim sebelum deadline. Kalau disuruh tulis tangan, ya tulis tangan, kalau disuruh legalisir ya legalisir. Easier said than done memang, jadi siapin aja dengan cermat dan antisipasi worst case-worst case yang sangat mungkin terjadi! (misalnya pas proses seleksi itu KTP gue hilang, jadi untung gue punya backup identitas lain, jadi gue dateng tes pake Paspor. Udah macam ekspatriat aje)

2. Tes Kemampuan Dasar dengan Computer Assisted Test atau CAT (Bobot: 60%)

Tes Kemampuan Dasar itu tes pilihan ganda semua, tesnya pake komputer (bukan rame-rame pake papan jepit dan ngisi LJK lagi) bahannya: Tes Karakteristik Pribadi (TKP), Tes Intelegensia Umum (TIU), sama Tes Wawasan Kebangsaan (TWK). TKD ini nih yang buku bank soalnya buanyak bener di toko buku, dan biasanya menjelang tes variasinya makin banyak dan space yang ditempatin di toko buku juga lebih gede.

Nah. Sebagai anak teknik yang sudah lama meninggalkan sejarah dan PPKn….gue lebih takut TWK daripada TIU. Ya TIU mah matdas (matematika dasar) lah yaaa hahaha, tapi bukan berarti gak dilatih sama sekali loh. Gue pakai buku apa? Gue nggak suka banget belajar soal doang. Karena variasi soal itu beribu-ribu coy, masak gue harus belajar beribu soal buat yakin bisa lulus tesnya? Jadi yang gue incer ketika membeli buku persiapan CPNS adalah buku yang ada ringkasan materi, bukan soal doang. Jadi gue beli buku CPNS 2 kali. Pada trip pertama ke Gramedia Bintaro Plaza dapetnya buku CPNS yang lagi hits banget di masa itu, yang tebel dan kavernya merah dan space di rak buku paling banyak nempatinnya. Tapi ya sayangnya soal doang dan pada saat itu di Gramedia yang gue kunjungin nggak ada buku Detik-Detik seperti gambar di bawah. On my 2nd trip, waktu itu ke Gramedia di depan BIP di Bandung, setelah mengubek-ubek sudut buku CPNS di Gramedia, voila akhirnya kutemukan buku yang ada ringkasannya! Ringkasannya bagus lagi, sistematis, dan ya, ringkas. Meski kertasnya buram, ya nggak papalah. Nih untung ada foto bukunya di Google (karena buku gue dipinjem temen gue belom dibalikin, nggak bisa gue foto haha).

Buku CPNS yang gue pake

Buku CPNS yang gue pake

Bahkan judul bukunya relevan banget sama gue karena gue beli buku ini H minus beberapa hari gitu haha. Buku ini cukup sakti karena, banyak juga yang keluar dari apa yang gue pelajari…so, I guess it was a good choice. Cara belajar? Ya belajar ajalah pakai cara yang paling enak buat diri lo sendiri. Kalau gue tipe yang belajar tidur belajar tidur. Maksudnya pas belajar pasti ketiduran, tapi pas kebangun ya belajar, gitu (terutama buat apalan yak, kalau itungan mah harus fokus pol dan di tempat pewe). Buat lulus, harus melewati ambang batas atau passing grade buat lulus yang dipublish secara resmi, seperti di screenshot di bawah ini.

Nah tahun kemaren tes CPNS yang TKD itu tesnya di Pondok Ranji dan dibagi menjadi beberapa kloter. Bayangin aula, isinya komputer banyak. Di luar aula tempat nunggu sama ada 2 LCD TV gede yang nampilin skor hasil tes. Jadi begitu selesai tes, jreng! Langsung bisa liat hasil tes lo berapa. Bisa liat juga dari sekian orang di aula itu, lo rangking berapa (ini penting buat mengira-ngira lo bisa masuk atau apa). Oh iya, selain ambang batas jelas buat lulus tes, rasio pelamar terhadap formasi juga dipublish secara jelas (ada di screenshot di bawahnya lagi). Jadi yang lulus TKD dan lanjut ke TKB itu 3 rangking tertinggi per formasi. Jadi basically 3 orang merebut 1 formasi (untuk ikut TKB ya). Contohnya nih, waktu CPNS, pilihan pertama formasi yang gue lamar itu kuotanya 2. Jadi untuk dapet formasi itu pelamar yang bersaing di tahap TKB itu 2 x 3 = 6 orang. Saingan gue 5 orang. Jadi begitu kira-kira hitungannya.

syarat nilai buat lulus

syarat nilai buat lulus


Rasio pelamar versus formasi

Nah setelah tes, hasil tes semua peserta diunggah ke situs resmi (jadi bisa liat juga orang-orang yang lulus siapa aja, dan liat nilai saingan juga haha).

contoh orang-orang di formasi gue yang lolos ke TKB dan nilainya

contoh orang-orang di formasi gue yang lolos ke TKB dan nilainya (kolomnya itu TWK, TIU, TKP)

Selain persiapan substantif buat nyiapin isi tes….harus juga nyiapin hal-hal penting kayak tau lokasi tes di mana, kalau perlu dari beberapa hari sebelum udah survey lokasinya jadi bisa ngira-ngira waktu tempuh buat mencapai ke sana berapa lama, datang lebih awal, dan jaga kesehatan. Gue punya beberapa teman yang nggak sukses CPNSnya karena hal-hal begitu. Ada yang nggak nemu lokasi tesnya (karena lokasi tes itu nggak selalu di tempat yang gampang ditempuh, contohnya TKD KESDM aja di Pondok Ranji, Tangsel, bukan di tengah kota yang gampang dikira-kira tempatnya), ada juga yang nggak konsen ngerjain TKDnya karena doi TKD pas lagi diare. Jadi……ya siapin aja dari segala aspek!

3. Tes Kemampuan Bidang atau TKB (Bobot: 40%)

Tes Kemampuan Bidang itu tahap terakhir tes. Formatnya wawancara, sendiri-sendiri, tapi yang mewawancarai bisa 1 atau lebih. Gue waktu itu diwawancarain 2 orang. Ya sesuai nama tesnya aja lah ya, ini tes kemampuan bidang. Jadi lo harus bisa lah menguasai bidang pekerjaan yang lo bidik (terutama formasi pilihan pertama yah). Misalnya lo ngincer posisi di Ditjen Migas yah at least harus tau lah isu terkini seputar migas, UU No. 22, pembagian migas hulu dan hilir ada apa aja, yah konsep-konsep umum seputar migas lah dan konsep umum public policy (inget, jadi CPNS itu jadi birokrat jadi harus ngerti juga basic-basicnya haha) seperti urutan peraturan perundang-undangan. Kalau formasi yang lo lamar rada-rada technical, seperti calon inspektur, yah setidaknya tau lah sisi technical dari migas. Wawancaranya nggak lama, nggak sampe 15 menit. Karena gue waktu itu nggak melamar posisi yang technical, jadi gue belajarnya hal-hal yang general. Gue belajar UU 22 tahun 2001 sama belajar dari review Oil & Gas Regulation yang dirilis oleh PwC. Review itu bagus (ya bahasa Inggris sih emang) tapi komprehensif banget, 1 PDF udah mencakup banyak hal. Jadi siapin, dan pede aja!

Pengumuman Akhir

Nah! Pengumuman akhir yang ditunggu-tunggu setelah merefresh website berkali-kali setiap hari akhirnya keluar di awal Januari, tanggal 2. Apalagi setelah gelisah denger kementerian lain udah diumum-umumin, duh kok belum keluar-keluar yah. Nah selang 2 minggu setelah diumumin udah harus daftar ulang dengan bawa berkas-berkas seperti SKCK, hasil Medical Check Up (surat keterangan sehat jasmani dan rohani yang harus dibuat di rumah sakit atau unit pelayanan kesehatan milik pemerintah), surat bebas napza, kartu kuning, dan lainnya. Jadi basically, kita dikasih 2 minggu buat nyiapin berkas itu semua. Untuk medical check up, tes narkoba, dan tes psikologi uang yang gue habiskan hampir 1 juta (itu di RS Fatmawati). Oh untuk tips aja, meski nggak disuruh, ada baiknya juga bikin NPWP sekalian. Cepet kok jadinya.

Terus kalau aku nggak lulus, aku kudu piye?

Tenang saja! Tetap semangat…dan nggak ada salahnya tetep rajin ngecek portal resmi. Kenapa? Karena pas jaman gue itu, kalau ada pelamar yang dinyatakan lulus, tapi dia nggak daftar ulang di jangka waktu yang diberikan (otomatis itu artinya mengundurkan diri), pelamar yang nilainya lebih rendah jadi geser ke atas dan jadinya diterima. Temen gue di Ditjen Migas ada yang kasusnya begitu. Pas pengumuman akhir yang tanggal 2 Januari itu namanya nggak ada di daftar pelamar yang lulus. Pas doi udah mulai move on, eh ada temennya yang ngucapin selamet. Eh ternyata ada pelamar di atas dia yang ngundurin diri, jadinya nama dia geser ke atas, dan jadinya diterima dan dipanggil buat daftar ulang dan melengkapi berkas. Kalau memang pas pemanggilan ulang buat ngisi peserta yang mengundurkan diri, nama lo tetep nggak ada, ya apa mau dikata ya mungkin memang belum jodoh.

Oke, jadi paling segitu dulu aja, kalau ada pertanyaan, feel free to leave a comment below. Perlu diingat juga, sistemnya sangat mungkin untuk berubah, jadi tetep stay updated dengan info resmi dari Kementerian PAN RB dan kementerian yang dilamar. Semoga bermanfaat yah, good luck!

So I Started Wearing Contact Lenses

As a four eyed person, wearing glasses can be a hassle. After years of delay, I finally summoned my courage to wear…. soft contact lenses, or more popularly called in Indonesia as soft lens. 

I found this legit soft lens dealer on Instagram called Geosoftlensroom, that has recently changed to Eyelovin. It seemed pretty legit since there were real people wearing them and posting them on Instagram, even famous figures like Dian Sastro and the hip makeup artist Lizzie Parra. So basically this dealer sells Korean soft contact lenses and they’re pretty cheap too. So after a while of browsing and rebrowsing, I finally landed my decision on buying the Geo Big Grang-Grang. Sebagai newbie, gue nggak mau pake warna yang ngejreng banget kayak biru atau abu-abu, apalagi ijo atau ungu. Maunya yang deket ke warna natural mata aja, warna coklat atau itemlah. Geo Big Grang Grang ini termasuk best seller di Eyelovin dan ada beberapa screenshot foto customer yang memakainya dan kelihatannya bagus…jadi akhirnya gue milih itu.

Foto Before & After Memakai Soft Lens

So this is how I look with glasses on.

four eyed

Before: at work, wearing glasses (I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana frames)

at a wedding wearing Geo Big Grang Grang

After: at a wedding wearing Geo Big Grang Grang

So yeah, wearing soft contact lenses really do make a difference, don’t they? Bagusan pake kacamata atau pake soft lens? Kata temen-temen gue sih, make kacamata bikin kelihatan dewasa, jadi kalau make softlens kelihatan lebih muda gitu.

Kesan dan pesan setelah perdana memakai soft lens?

Yah harus telaten. Gue agak-agak parno sih sama kuman jadi gue udah kebiasa dikit-dikit cuci tangan pake sabun, nggak asal basah pake air doang. Harus bangun lebih pagi (ini efek positif sih bagi gue yang suka ngesnooze alarm clock). Pertama kali banget berhasil memakai soft lens gue menghabiskan waktu 45 menit, dan waktu itu pas Sabtu pagi jadi nggak diburu waktu berangkat kerja. Itu pun setelah belajar dari YouTube, buka beberapa video tutorial tentang cara memakai dan melepas contact lenses. Nyopotnya, surprisingly, gampang banget (nggak serem seperti yang gue bayangkan dan gue lihat temen-temen yang megang matanya). Karena soft lens yang gue pake gede dan coklat, kelihatan jelas pas nyopot. 3 kali make, makin ke sini makin cepet proses makenya. Bawaan jelas tambah rempong karena harus bawa tetesan mata ke mana-mana. Kalau nggak nyaman harus netes. Tapi overall, menurut gue enak sih pake softlens, okelah untuk ke kawinan atau mau jalan-jalan cantik pas weekend. Gue udah nyoba make seharian (make dari jam 5 pagi sampe jam 8 malam), agak agak nggak nyaman sih pas udah sore, dan pas di jalan pulang rasanya mau copot banget….but it wasn’t so bad. Ada iritasi? So far nggak ada :)

Total Biaya yang Keluar:

Jadi sebagai newbie softlens gue keluar total sekitar 310 ribu. Buat beli softlens plus ongkir udah 128 ribu kalo gak salah, beli cairan pembersih dan tetes mata (waktu itu di Optik Seis GI) abis sekitar 186 ribu. Oh dan buat beli tisu buat alas pas make dan nyopot dan buat ngelap-lap tangan sekitar 30 ribu (langsung beli yang banyak gue). Jadi total 344 ribu.

Will I continue wearing contact lenses? Of course, but probably on special occasions. I am definitely excited to experiment using different kinds and colors of contact lenses!

I Haven’t Written in a While



Hello! Horas! Ahoi! Mejuah-juah! Njuah-juah! Aloha! Hola!


Well hello again! I haven’t written in a while, have I? Where have I been?

Well I’ve been quite busy lately. What’s been going on in my life lately?

And after a few encouraging input from some of my blog readers, well..here you go!

1. Lulus Prajabatan (I passed the mandatory training for government new recruits).

Prajabatan Angkatan 5 Kementerian ESDM <3

Prajabatan Angkatan 5 Kementerian ESDM <3

5 weeks in a remote area….was surprisingly freakin awesome and surpassed my dreadful expectation. And thank God weekends were (mostly) free so we maximized our weekends to travel!

River tubing in Pindul, Yogyakarta

River tubing in Pindul, Yogyakarta

Oh, our class was awesome too. We even had a cute makrab, sort of like a party/gathering with food, games, and even a round of conversations around a bonfire. Going back to work was a rough transition, and moving on took weeks. Luckily our class is still close thanks to our occasionally active Whatsapp group and get togethers.


2. Werk Werk Werk

a pic I took from the pool at Royal Kuningan Hotel

a pic I took from the pool at Royal Kuningan Hotel

Werkin. What more can I say? Get up at 4.50, depart for work at 5.45, arrive at around 6.30 ish, work, go home at 4 PM (Well during Ramadhan month it was changed to 3 PM *yayyy*). Repeat. Look forward to weekends. Well at least working in the public sector enables me to travel a lot (in this case, being single is a perk), or at least attend events and functions at hotels and stuff so yeah, all is well.

3. Restocking my makeup kit



The essentials in my make up kit: MAC Studio Fix or Bobbi Brown Luminous Powder Foundation. I’m currently trying out new stuff: Benefit Porefessional and lip color products! I was never the kind of girl that liked wearing lipstick, but lately I’ve developed a crush for lipsticks and the whole look of a creamy splash of color on the lips! So the other day I dragged my friend (who coincidentally also needed to get new stuff for her face as well) to Grand Indonesia. So after hours of blog walking on the internet reading reviews and seeing swatches, I bought MAC’s chatterbox and NYX’s butter gloss in Peaches & Cream. I was aiming for the pink and fresh look. Nude hasn’t suited me very well because I end up looking pale and washed out instead of..well…nude. And bold colors…nah, not yet.

4. Maximizing my free time not to sit in front of my laptop (unless when I’m trip planning of course)

So yeah. I try my best to use my weekends to do stuff I love or engage in social agendas. I do Zumba and I love going to the gym (which is good because I have the same..or perhaps a bigger love for food). Zumba is awesome. It’s kinda like clubbing but it’s healthy, done at day time, and minus the alcohol and itty bitty outfits and heavy makeup. Oh, I’m also back in my diet. I gained a lot of weight this past year, and I’m serious about returning to my 2012 body when I could confidently wear jeans with a tucked in form fitting top. Aside to going to the gym, I occasionally get some retail therapy and social therapy….like getting together with old friends, catching up, and trying out new hip places around Jakarta and Bandung.

ah a girl needs some of this once in a while

ah a girl needs a dose of this kind of therapy once in a while


Oh Bandung. The cool thing about Bandung is, in a matter of months, there are some new cool hang out spots. So I usually look forward to graduation weekends (I guess this year is the last year I still have friends who are graduating). Graduation weekends are moments to get gifts for graduating buddies, reunite with everyone, and try to squeeze a lot of meet ups in just 2 days. But all in all, coming back to Bandung and reuniting with my favorite Bandung people never fails to recharge my mood!

Mom's Bakery cupcakes are my go-to for graduation gifts.

Mom’s Bakery cupcakes are my go-to for graduation gifts.

Aside from social agendas, Jakarta is a vibrant city full of cool and free events such as running events which is currently a craze in Jakarta or even cooking demos, book fairs, cultural fairs, free film festivals, seminars, and so on. Like this weekend I’ll be participating in the ASEAN Fun Run Village and next week I’m coming to Indonesia Mengglobal’s event. All you need is to stay updated!

5. Trip Planning!

So I’m planning to travel (far) next year. After 1 year of probation, I can finally take some days off after April next year. After seeing very beautiful pictures of my friends’ trips to Komodo and Flores, I too want to take the same trip as well! I’ve already got a group of travelling buddies, so all there’s left to do is plan it, save for it, set a date, and go! I truly hope for Divine Intervention to make this happen, oh man do I need a getaway!

one of Andien's Flores Trip photos on Instagram. If this doesn't make you drool for a trip there, I do not know what will.

one of Andien’s Flores Trip photos on Instagram. If this doesn’t make you drool for a trip there, I do not know what will.

So. Yeah. I guess that’s it for today. Toodles everyone!