he stole my heart

he is very sweet. very different from how his friends see him.

dia maniss skalii. taw skalii cara ngebikin mon melayang. [in this blog, i refer to myself as ‘mon’ ]

i learned a lot from our relationship. scara dia lbih tua. tpi dia jg belajar banyak dari mon. gini-gini, i know a lot bout life! hehe. it’s fun living everyday knowing that out there, he loves me, supports me, cherishes me, for who i am, apa adanya..dan juga sebaliknya. bener banget, dan bukan gombal kalau cinta itu indah. bener-bener sharing a lot deh. pengalaman indah, lucu, gelap, ya begitu begitulah.. i dont know if i can manage life without him…he contributed so much in my life.

it’s so beautiful, he’s so wonderful, that I don’t even know the perfect words to describe thiss all. SPEECHLESS! haha.

what a wonderful life, what a wonderful love..

thankss honey!


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