mon’s list of 2008’s hottest guys!

behold, after a long and extremely discussion with my friends, I, monica raphita simarmata will present our choices plus our comments of..

2008’s hottest guys!

first category : HOTTEST TV DOCTORS

which do you like best? it surely depends on your taste, for each doctor has his own unique flavor. here we have our top three because it was so hard to choose one, it’s dr.Alex Karev, McDreamy, and McSteamy. I told you it would be hard to pick one.

dr. Alex Karev, hot intern at Greys Anatomy!McDreamy, TVs no.1 sexiest guy!

second category : HOTTEST DADDY

it goes without saying that Brad Pitt, the head male of the Brangelina clan is possibly the example of a real hollywood dad, but since he always appears on tabloids and magazines about his fatherhood, we should take a glance at the other hot daddies like will smith, ben affleck, and johnny depp 😉


daniel craig, the new Bond, is deliciously hot, no wonder one of my peeps is crazy about him! look at those eyes, the body, and his voice is ultra sexy!

fourth category : HOTTEST CHEF

there’s nothing hot like a guy that is incredible at cooking. isn’t it just sexy imagining a guy cooking, especially if he really puts his heart and mind into it. here we have a single champion : Jamie Oliver. we heart jamie!


jason mraz : a really handsome voice, great style, fun groove, and when he gets on stage, magic happens, he is charmingly hot! john mayer, the beau of jennifer aniston, he has such a sexy voice you can not resist. there’s a long list of hollywood ladies that can’t resist him, so I guess that proves it that he is hott 🙂

sixth category : HOTTEST RNB MUSICIAN

any guy that can sing and play the piano flawlessly is hot, especially this guy that released a chart topper single, Green Light, is our hottest RNB MUSICIAN, congrats John, keep sizzling!

seventh category : HOTTEST ROCKERS THIS YEAR.

okay there’s a tie between The Killers’ Brandon Flowers and (yes, again..) Adam Levine.

Brandon Flowers has a really hot voice, no wonder The Killers new single, Human is countlessly played on the radio. Meanwhile, Adam Levine with his really unique and hot voice too got a really great opportunity this year to duet with Rihanna. Good luck for both of them! 😉

eighth category : HOTTEST RISING STARS.

familiar? the 1st is Gaspard Ulliel (24 years old) , a french actor that acted in Hannibal Rising and Paris Je T’aime, then the vampire heartthrob that I absolutely have a crush on, Robert Pattinson, 22,  (as Edward Cullen) and a youngster, Skandar Keynes, 17 (he’s the same age as me!), from the Narnia movies as Edmund Pervensie.

the list is still unfinished, but I thought I might as well publish it and edit it along the way before new year’s. Toodles!


4 thoughts on “mon’s list of 2008’s hottest guys!

  1. hahahaha for Skandar Keynes its Edmund Pevensie not PERVensie I laughed so hard when I saw that. Thank you for making my day 🙂

  2. skandar is soo lushhh!!!! he’s my dream the hottie i loveee himm soooo muccchhh!!!!
    obseessseedd by himmm
    hes like the best ever

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