random thoughts

it’s a new day and there’s no school today, yippie. tomorrow’s the beginning of semester exams and like previous exams, my school generously gives the kids a day off to prepare. after a terrible dream about killing a tiny person and flushing her down the toilet, I woke up and decided to write on my blog. So, here are my random thoughts.

~I wish Megan Corkrey will sing Adele’s song: Chasing Pavements and I wish Jasmine will sing daring songs not the pretty songs she usually chooses. I loveee American Idol season 8 because it has much to offer! There’s soul, RnB, rock, quirkiness, Jason Mraz-type of music, rocker chick, pop, and Latin perhaps. It’s just a really colorful palette this season. Too bad Jasmine got eliminated. 😦

~The Jakarta policy that Jakarta school’s classes must start at 6.30 AM will be implemented in private schools also. There would be a trial period at my school so kids can find routes with minimum traffic.

~Time flies! National exams are coming up and I just realized they’re just a month away.

~I have a lot of plans to do after graduating from high school. First and foremost is to lose weight and to continue my skin treatment. All can be done as soon as the exams are finished.

~I’m craving Cold Stone sundae rightt now! Argh!

~I just went jogging with my mom and it felt great. My neighborhood is really nice at about 4 o’clock. There are a lot of interesting sounds, like the sound of birds chirping, the sound of crickets, the sound of the piano (I guess there was someone practicing piano), and mothers were taking their babies for a walk. No wonder my mother never wanted to live in an apartment no matter how convenient it is.

~I just got my hair trimmed. I just realized that I’ve had the same hairstyle for like 9 years.With this kind of persistence I could be the next Anna Wintour (she had that hairstyle since ages haha)

~My little sis got lice from one of my maids, gosh, it’s just grosssss.

~I have to look for a location for my yearbook photo shoot. My yearbook’s theme is Time Capsule. My class got the Victorian era. I got the duty to look for a location that has a strong Victorian feel to it. I was thinking about a nearby stable where there are horses or just a pretty garden with a fountain. My friend said there’s this cafe at Darmawangsa. Well I guess I have surveying to do.

~What would I wear for graduation night? The dress code is chic and solid colors. My mother said I should go to a tailor recommended by my her friend, she said that he’s good at making gowns and stuff but I happen to think about buying a gown at a boutique. Oh well, let’s see how it’ll roll.

Tomorrow’s semester exams and I haven’t touched anything! DARN! Good thing I had a cup of strong black coffee so I can study till midnight. After all, it’s just English and Computer. Hhaha 🙂


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