the downside of being curvy

nigella lawson, a curvy and beautiful woman.

 I just went shopping at a favored fashion destination for the money savers, ITC Kuningan. It’s full of little stores and boutiques with nice stuff. At most of the stores, you can do some bargaining to get a nice price, haha.

Anyway, most of the clothes are imported. From what I’ve heard, they’re imported from Asian countries like Korea. The thing about Asian imported clothes are the sizes! Dammit they’re like so tiny and perfectly fit for the stick figure girls out there. For girls with dangerous curves like me, haha, don’t expect to get a dress as nice as the small ones. But well I’m a hopeful person, so I insisted to go, who knows magically the perfect dress would show itself, haha.

Marilyn Monroe, known for her dangerous curves.

Marilyn Monroe, known for her dangerous curves.

After trying out the dresses, I nearly gave up! Like seriously, the dress can’t even pass my boobs. I have a busty figure and my butt is kinda big. So I have the ‘curvy genes’. My mother’s ‘upper lady lumps’ are rather large, she’s a triple D. And in my dad’s family, the women have bootylicious asses, us Simarmata girls have big butts to kill haha :p My friends say my body’s like a spanish guitar, but after I gained weight because of stress and outta control eating, gosh, I think I’m a swollen spanish guitar. I guess if I dropped a few pounds I can get my good old body back, but still, the curves will still be there. So after my shopping experience, gosh I just realized these curves of mine are becoming quite a burden.

1. I can’t buy affordable clothes. The cheap clothes here (which have a good quality too) are so unfair to us, curvy ladies. That forces me to buy clothes at big department stores, and preferably western stores that offer sizes for the curvy woman.

2. I just hate it when parts of my body are like stared at. It’s really uncomfortable. Somehow it makes me unsecure and steals my confidence.

Well, however I still have to be thankful for my curves. They show I’m a true woman. Anyway, I guess there are girls out there wishing for bigger boobs or a bigger ass, or maybe even worse, they pay thousands for fake ones. Thank God I have mine for free. 🙂

curvyme_bebebandagedress (i’m really fat in this pic haha look at those arms and my cheeks! grawr)


2 thoughts on “the downside of being curvy

  1. Just trolling through, but I just had to speak up.
    You are so not fat! You are one gorgeous woman!
    I’m sad that you can’t find good clothes, even worse that being stared at makes you uncomfortable. Pretty women get stared at all the time; I could stare at you for hours. I wish you could see just how unbelievably beautiful you are. Beautiful body matched with a pretty face and a cute smile, wow!

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