yearbook photo shoot pics~


Me wearing the MaxMara blouse I bought the other day.

Aha, the real photoshoot with the photographers. My friend passed by and took this picture of me and Fransiska.


After done with hair and makeup and about to leave. Luckily, my friend’s mom works at a bank nearby the photo shoot location and she let us use a meeting room for us to prepare. With the help of my other friend’s mother and her salon’s make up artists and hairstylists, we got our hair and make up done. We made the lacey hair accesories by ourselves.
My class got the 'Victorian Era' theme. The whole theme is 'Time Capsule'
My class got the ‘Victorian Era’ theme. The whole theme is ‘Time Capsule’. Yes, it is kinda cheesy, but whatever, most people voted for that theme. After hectically searching for the photoshoot location, we finally found an extremely luxurious club/resto, Sun City, in Lindeteves Trade Center, Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Central Jakarta.

Fransiska and me. The pics for the yearbook are taken by professional photographers. I brought along my digicam so my friends and I could snap our own pics while waiting for our turn.


Again, me and Fransiska, my best friend!


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