beauty held captive? the not so happy fairy tale of princess manohara.

So it’s the hottest gossip these days, the not so happy fairy tale of princess Manohara. So who is she? well let’s start from what I think is the most important detail from her, she’s really young, like literally, she’s one year younger than me (I was born in ’91 and she was born in ’92), she’s like 16/17 years old, depends on when her birthday is. And in the age of high school and college searching she’s living the life of the wife of a prince in Malaysia, Indonesia’s neighbouring country. I don’t know, usually I’m not that attracted to gossips, but this gossip is interesting because I can’t help thinking what she’s missing in life, you know what I mean? At that age being married in such a seemingly stiff life? Sounds what, ridiculous!

Well long story made short, at a really young teen age, she became a model at a young age. Her father’s French, her mother’s Indonesian. With that mix, what can I say she iss soooo beautiful.

At the age of 15/16 she married a royal guy from Malaysia (he looks too old for her, but I personally think they make a charming couple despite the dark gossip about him)

anyway, reports say Manohara was abused by her husband and ran away back home to Jakarta. A while after, her husband’s family invited her to go to the holy land of Moslems for a pilgrimage. Since then, her condition is questioned and her mother is just all over the news and infotainments desperately wanting to meet up with her daughter.

Ok, drama drama drama. There are a lot of public opinions about this. One of them are that Mano’s mother was wrong from the 1st place. (Let me remind you I’m not judging anyone, just writing what’s been on people’s lips lately). A lotta people are thinkin, what kind of mother gives permission to a 15 year old child to marry? People think she’s merely in for the glitz, glam, wealth and fame which is smoothly brought by her daughter’s marriage. (After M’s comeback to Jakarta, both mother and daughter claimed that the M was forced to marry the prince.)

So here’s the list of the things she’s missing due to her royal duties as a loyal and loving wife of a Malaysian prince:

-high school (the most important part of a young person) all the bits and pieces are just so essential to miss, such as the drama, the laughter, tears, and the most important thing–> the education.

-the healthy life of a teenager. well you know, engaging in hobbies, sports, organizations, whatever, arts, music, theatre, you name it.

-college searching, the thrill of preparing exams

-hanging out with friends your age. going to festivals, concerts, live music performances, or just a mild hang out catching the latest movie, or going to the beach, ice skating, bowling, and all that stuff.

-hitting on guys, having crushes. Gosh, she’s married for heaven’s sake, and she’s locked on to that fact. Too bad, I can’t imagine how many hot guys around her age that would’ve fallen for her.

Instead of doing the stuff teens shoud do I guess she has to:

-visit people all over Malaysia doing royal duties

-always put a smile on her face and be a good role model for Malaysians

-she can’t be seen in public acting randomly or laughing her socks off (ah the joy of being young, confused, and oh so random)

GOSH, I wonder what it feels like to live that life for the rest of her life, I meen she’s only what 16/17. But if she’s happy with that sort of life, whatever, let it be.

Yeah, I would love to have a ton of Hermes bags (she has so many I bet) or designer goodies, and expensive cars, and live in a palace, but missing out on the oh-so-fun-and-not-to-miss moments in youth isn’t worth it all. I hope the prince lets her have fun ‘young’ moments. He does look like a good guy, so yeah, I hope the best for the two of them.

the latest news so far

so it has been about 2 weeks so far since Manohara’s dramatic return to Indonesia. Trust me it kinda sounds ridiculous but hey she’s back safe and sound. (google it, I’m not in the mood in translating all that stuff about her successful runaway). Anyway since her return she has been a huge media sensation, accompanied by a human rights case suffered by a-now-famous mother of two, Prita Mulyasari.  She’s obviously under the spotlight and the target of media scrutiny. Manohara claims to have been abused by her husband and the royal family. She claims to be cut with a razor blade by her husband before sexual intercourse. She also seems rather plump. Well according to her, she put on weight because of the hormones injected to her body. Since she was busy parading talkshows, the public questioned the truth about the stories coming out of her mouth. After being questioned by the media and shall I say, ditched by her lawyer about her procrastination of seeing a doctor to prove her claims, she finally went to a famous hospital in Jakarta and to a very famous doctor to do so. The appointment resulted in a press conference with the best lawyers in the country confirming loud and clear that all the stuff she’s been saying about the abuse is perfectly true and by seeing the condition of the scars and injuries, doctors say that Mano has the right to press charges against her husband, or maybe even the royal family that is proven to have been involved in abusing her. I just read the paper and it said that she’s about to press charges against around 8 people including the king and the queen, and of course her husband. Is it actually possible?

The news about her is driving me nuts, it’s all over the news. I guess she can be awarded as 2009’s hottest female sensation. A lot of rumors are circulating too. For instance, a production house paid her around 12 billion IDR or around 1.2 million USD to contract her. Seriously my opinion is, just let the girl go to school. But hey, she’s behind the steer of her life so whatever.

Well that’s the latest update on M’s case. (Oh and about the disrespectful comment, oh please darling there are always two sides of a story,  more even, for instance some have pity on her, some think she’s a liar, some think she’s been set up, all that stuff, and yes I don’t know what really happened, do you? duh like who am I, God? I’m just recording what’s been buzzing lately from the media, people around me, whatever.. so please grow fucking up (oui, I can curse, and I’m darn good at it)..anyone under the media microscope is likely to invite public buzz so chill, will ya? Whoever turns out to be true either M or her husband well whatever, we’ll all see.)


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  1. Shut up you Bitch! you don’t even know the real story was…just wait until the court decide, who’s guilty….

    • That’s quite true I don’t know the real story, and I’m just retelling what’s been around, I ain’t judging anyone here, so please keep your cool because there’s no need for cursing here.

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