my ultra favorite Indonesian dishes.

Whoever wants to travel for the sake of enjoying life’s most delicious dishes and cuisines, I totally recommend coming to Indonesia. I am very thankful to be Indonesian because one thing’s for sure, the food is just amazingly delicious and has a vast variety of taste, color, composition, ingredients, and textures. Since Indonesia is rich with cultures and spices, it’s fun to have a culinary travel around the country. Every place has their own characteristics of cooking. For example the Javanese are famous for cooking sweet dishes such as gudeg, on the other hand the Bataks that are originally from North Sumatera are famous for their hot and spicy food. Manado food is famous for their dishes that are dominated by fish and so on and so forth. I really like Sundanese food because the dishes aren’t too sweet nor not too hot and spicy. Here’s a list of my faves (so me this list is growing day by day.. 🙂 ) (I think the dishes mentioned below are best mentioned with their original local names so have fun seeing the unique names)

1. Tempe Orek

Tempe is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Tempe is hard core traditional Indonesian food. The cuisines made of tempe varies. Tempe orek has a sweet taste and a unique spicy taste too.

tempe orek.

tempe orek. I usually eat it with rice, it's soo good.

2. Nasi Uduk (Nasi : rice)

Nasi uduk consists of rice that has a coconut taste usually seasoned with fried onions. The rice is accompanied by fried chicken, fried thin rice noodles, called bihun goreng, fried tempe/tofu, raw vegetables (usually cucumber and very aromatic leaves called kemangi), and a very delicious sauce called sambal. There are a lot of varieties of sambal. The similarity among them all is the basic concept that sambal is hot and spicy. For me, I prefer my nasi uduk with sambal terasi.

Nasi Uduk

Nasi Uduk. My favorite resto to eat nasi uduk is Sate Khas Senayan or also called Sate House.

3. Ikan Pesmol (ikan:fish)

ikan pesmol

ikan pesmol-this is a really really really yummy it to have an Indonesian foodgasm.

4. Es Podeng (es:ice)

desserts that start with the word es can be interpreted as Indonesian sundaes.

desserts that start with the word 'es' can be interpreted as Indonesian sundaes. Indonesian sundaes have a vast variety. Most of them use grinded ice and then put all sorts of ingredients that make the 'sundae' rich with color, texture, and of course, taste. Es podeng is special because it uses 'es puter', a traditional Indonesian ice cream.

5. Es Kacang Merah

6. Es Campur

7. Bolu Kukus

8. Lemper

9. Nasi Kuning

nasi kuning. on special occasions, the rice is usually shaped into a cone (called a tumpeng) and cutting the sharp top of the cone is considered symbolic.

10.  Soto

11. Pempek

12. Gepuk

13. Gurame Asam Manis (asam manis:sweet and sour)

14. Ayam Bakar

15. Ayam Goreng Keremes

16. Siomay

Siomay. (When I still lived in New York, I really missed eating Siomay.

Siomay. (When I still lived in New York, I really missed eating Siomay.

17. Batagor

Batagor - Baso Tahu Goreng

Batagor - Baso Tahu Goreng (fried meatballs and tofu)

18. Gado-Gado

gado gado

gado gado - it's kinda the Indonesian salad using a spicy peanut sauce as the dressing.

(I can’t finish explaining so I’ll continue later..toodles!)


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