i love my new sunnies!

my mom got me new chanel sunglasses last weekend.i usually buy cheap Rp60rb sunglasses, but this time she bought sunglasses from a real optician haha she said it’s supposed to protect my eyes, whatever what’s more important is that they look hawt!



<3 chanel sunglasses!

❤ chanel sunglasses!



smiley face

smiley face


2 thoughts on “i love my new sunnies!

  1. bgs bgt cung!!
    dsr lo sunglasses maniac!!g tu msh aga risih gitu kl umur sgini hrs pake sunglasess,jrg aj tmn2 kt pake gitu…hehehehe,peer pressure…

    • haha cuek aja lagi habs, nyokap gue dong bilang itu buat lindungin mata gue pas jalan dari kosan ke kampus, ya ampyunnn haha

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