Sunny and Green – a cozy cafe in Bandung

After I was having breakfast the other day in a restaurant in Holiday Inn with a couple of friends, the rain was pouring, I didn’t bring my umbrella and I needed internet connection to get my assignment done. The internet at the hotel was terribly expensive so I spotted a cafe across the street and decided to go there. The cafe is Sunny and Green. It was around 11.30 AM and there weren’t any customers yet. The cafe is cute from outside, kinda like a little clubhouse with sunflowers and garden-ish decorations. When I went inside I was surprised to find it to be cozy and simply cute. There were sofas with tables and ordinary chairs and tables. The cafe claims to open for 24 hours, so I guess I can put in my list of public places where I can study or get group assignments done. There was this cute little fake fireplace and the walls were painted in a brick pattern. The walls were decorated with frames of pictures and oldies music was playing. Too bad it wasn’t bossa nova or just easy listening stuff 😛 I finally ordered an original waffle and hot tea. I was eating on a budget because the last days of the month are the hardest – financially 😛 The waffles were nice on a satisfactory level, a teeny bit salty and the texture is not bad at all. But to be honest, I prefer Nanny’s Pavillon or Pancious waffles. I was expecting a little pitcher of mapple syrup, but they put it on the plate instead, and trust me for a maply syrup lover like me, it wasn’t enough. For 17k rupiah, 2 waffles were enough to make my tummy full, actually I didn’t even finish them. Well perhaps it was because the hearty breakfast I had at the buffet in Holiday Inn earlier in the morning 🙂 But for me, I loved the atmosphere of the cafe especially when it was raining. The cafe had glass walls facing the street so sunshine lights the room and seeing the rainfall and the city life outside was nice. I could really imagine going there on a rainy day or being stuck there on purpose on a rainy day with my lover *if I had one of course lol*.Well below are the pics, and you should stop by when you’re around Dago. It’s located right across Holiday Inn and next to Happening Factory Outlet. Oh yeah, the waitress gave me buy 1 get 1 free lunch package vouchers so I’ll surely stop by again. Cheers 🙂

Inside Sunny and Green


original waffles


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