I Understand Daddy

So here I am, just two exams and one presentation away from vacation bliss baby! I guess I’m treating this blog as my diary that is open for eyes to see. Well I’m wanting a lot of stuff now. It’s been 2 years living without a TV here at Bandung. I don’t have a TV in my boarding room and my boarding house doesn’t provide a shared TV for us. -_- I want to ask my parents for a TV and a DVD player but I don’t know, I’m just not in the mood to ask for anything. My dad’s financial condition is not so pretty right now. But at the same time my needs and wants, to be honest, are just about to explode. I need a new laptop or at least a new battery and a hard disk. I want and kinda need a tablet so I can access eBooks in class. So the problem with my current laptop is that I can’t use it if it’s not plugged into AC power. It practically makes it equivalent to a home PC, only smaller. I don’t own a printer too but I don’t mind because my boarding house is only a few meters away from a photo copy and a printing center. It’s affordable too, it has a price that is student friendly. I also want a new bag. AARGH. During hard times like this, the thing left to do is just control unimportant desires, cope with the current condition and just be thankful. Today I visited Ciparay, a very poor village. That was a wake up call. Seriously, it just slapped me in the face. Me staying in quite a comfortable boarding house, with 24 hour hot shower private bathroom, fast Wi-Fi and in a nice neighboorhood is such a blessing. These people lived in bamboo woven houses and many of them did not have their own bathroom. My friends in the chemical engineering department are going to conduct a live in program next week. We’re gonna stay at the people’s houses for 2 days and one night. The aim is to conduct community service. Our goal is to help boost their local production of kecimpring which is kinda like chips and also help install pipes to help their sanitation. I mean it’s kinda primitive there. Many of the people still go to the bathroom and bathe in their backyard or at the river. I thought about my house in Jakarta. I have three bathrooms at my house and my house was pretty big compared to theirs. I was kinda ashamed. I was focused on what I did not have compared to be thankful and make use of what I already have.

God taught me an important lesson. I mean I’ve already lived in a village before for a week when I was still in high school. It was also a live in program to introduce us urban kids to the simple life at the countryside. But I guess we’re all still human and we need these kind of reminders once in a while. Kyrie eleison, Lord have mercy on us.


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