Records I Can’t Get Enough Of Recently Vol. 0511

Maroon 5’s album: HANDS ALL OVER is simply EPIC baby.

All the tracks are just unbelievable.

Let me mention my favorites, Just a Feeling and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. I mean overall I’ve been repeating the album on iTunes for the past few weeks and I haven’t got bored. My friend, Ricky, plays the CD over and over again in his car. The bonus tracks are great too. I love Happy Christmas and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The Air That I Breathe and If I Ain’t Got You are songs that ooze with soul and emotion. LOVE THEM! All in all I love the record, I think it’s my favorite from their discography. It’s such a bummer I couldn’t watch their concert in Jakarta. I hope I get the chance to watch them live someday. B-)

Adele’s album, 21, is another album I’ve been putting on repeat on iTunes.

Adele his one of my favorite female singers because her voice is soo beautiful and unique. I truly fell in love with her voice after seeing the ‘Make You Feel My Love’ music video on MTV. You can feel the emotion and soul when you listen to the song. She has such serious talent. Now let’s talk about her album, 21. My favorite tracks are Don’t You Remember and Lovesong. The other tracks are great too! The songs just enhance her soulful voice. The tracks from this album show a new side to her that I didn’t quite catch from her previous album. It’s more mature, strong and has a touch of a rebel side. Turning Tables, Set Fire to the Rain, and Rolling in The Deep are the examples of the songs that portrey that side. All in all Adele’s album 21 is a must have!


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