My list of crazy dreams

So here’s my list of crazy dreams:

1. Have my own cosmetic empire

This idea just came across to me lately. I realize my love for makeup and beauty products. I was scrolling my campus’ syllabus website when I came across the page that contains a class called: Cosmetics Technology. I instantly became interested and plan to take them maybe during my 6th semester. Indonesia is so rich with resources and I’m determined to make use of them with new innovations and formulas for cosmetics! I hope my chemical engineering background can support this dream.

2. Marry Adam Levine..or Robert Pattinson

Okay Adam Levine is the holy grail of male sexyness while on the other hand Robert Pattinson is the holy grail of male beauty. Waking up each day to them is divine heaven to say the least.

oh my God

3. Own and run a foundation for children

The education and welfare of Indonesian children is just simply concerning. Not too far from my campus you can find beggars as young as 4 years old. It’s such a pity.

4. Have my own little resto for cupcakes and baked goods

Ever since I started baking I dreamed of having this cute little cookie parlor for folks to stop by have a cookie and latte in a nice warm and inviting atmosphere. In the romcom movie, Life as We Know It, the character Katherine Heigl plays owns a cute little bakery called Fraiche. That kinda portreys the kind of resto/shop I dream to own 😉

5. Have a fabulous resort in Lake Toba

I believe Lake Toba is a potential vacay destination to invite more tourists. When people think of Indonesia, they usually automatically think of Bali, not Lake Toba. Concerned of the conditions, the last time I travelled there I had this desire to make a really nice lake resort for people that has all sorts of programs to discover the beauty of Lake Toba and the intriguing people and culture.

6. Renovate my grandma’s house

My grandma’s house, the house my father and his 7 siblings grew up in is in a small town in North Sumatra. I’ve always wanted to renovate it.

7. Go on a U.S. and Europe road trip with my future husband..before we have kids :p

Drive in a cute convertible spoiled by the beautiful European and American scenery and stopping by at small towns and blending in the society and culture with your lover sounds so blissful and fun.



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