Our first anniversary

Got tricked by the title thinking it’s my 1st anniversary with my lover? Ha! Gotcha! I ain’t got no lover baby! I am happily single at the moment but I do have a super awesome not-related-family! So today is the 1st anniversary or 1st birthday, whatever you call it, of some of my favorite people in my life…UKSUers 09 😀 These people are the ones I seek for a good laugh. They’re so fun to be with and to work with. They never let me get home by myself at night, there’s always a friend reaching out to give me a ride home. Well naturally there are flaws here and there but in the end we could work them out.

It truly sucks that I can’t join them at Bandung to celebrate and help out because the situation I have at home now is just terrible to leave. If I could teleport or get a ride on a heli to Bandung right now to spend the weekend with them I would totally do that but I can’t. With my brother and daddy just recovering from their illness and my house lacking a maid and a driver it’s too much a burden for my mother if I leave. I’m pretty much a babysitter, part time cook, part time maid at home. My mom’s running errands most of the day like trips to the market, supermarket, to school to fetch the siblings’ report cards, to the ATM, to the bank, everywhere! The only time I have for myself is for fitness at the gym and a few hours of TV. Other than that it’s either sweeping and mopping the floors, washing the dishes, cooking for my siblings, and tidying the rooms.

Well, the least I can do now is send my love through prayer to God for each every one of us and the family as a whole to bless us and bless each responsibility and each task so it can be performed and delivered whole heartedly and beautifully. I’m a flawed team player for not being there when you guys need me, please forgive me. If I could replicate like an Amoeba and be at home and be at Bandung, I totally would, but what can I say, it all comes back to my choice.

happy birthday, i sincerely love you all and miss you all so much :*


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