Pre Christmas blues

I want to come home and bake cookies. I want to fall asleep watching Christmas movies and wake up seeing our huge Christmas tree with its pretty lights and ornaments. Most of all I want to come home to my loving family ❤

It’s 13 days away from the happiest day of the year, Christmas! What I look forward to in Christmas is gathering with the whole family, unite in joy and peace with good food and great company. Spiritually, Christmas, especially Christmas eve mass is such a peaceful moment, especially when all the candles are lit and we all sing Silent Night in unison. I totally look forward to Christmas eve mass. That moment is simply blissful..last year I even cried when the lights went off, I looked around the room and saw candles and the silent yet peaceful hush. That moment was pretty emotional because I was passing through tough times near Christmas, and this year also. I don’t know but there’s some kind of mysterious peace and serenity on Christmas eve. It’s as if there’s hope after all the hard stuff and sorrow that has come by. It’s as if there’s this sort of Divine Being that came to help you carry all the burdens and has your back through all the trials and tribulations. And the thing is..that peace, love, warmth is all unconditional and so beautiful. I know God is with me every time but the celebration of his entrance to the world brings so much meaning and refreshes my life. Christmas is a reminder of God’s love. Knowing that you’re loved unconditionally brings true comfort and warmth to your heart and soul 🙂

So I guess it’s naive and pretty shallow to look forward to Christmas because of the presents. I mean of course the whole Holidays atmosphere is great but if you were to truly celebrate Christmas it’s the essence of Christmas that makes everything else matter.


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