the ‘future’ talk

So I’ve been spending a few days at home lately after my trip to Java for factory visits with the college peeps and some of the faculty. These days at home have been spent by conversations and thoughts about the future. See, my dad pointed out that next year (supposedly) is the year I graduate. My mom wants me to continue my studies to get a master degree. She wants me to spend a couple months in the States after I graduate to check out schools and then hopefully get a scholarship and go to school. After getting in school, I shall get an internship, a side job and then graduate and work abroad. At the age of my mid thirties I shall go back to my homeland and start a family business that my brother can run. I’m starting to like the idea. I’ve always wanted to go back to live where I grew up. In addition to that I have an aunt living in New Jersey and thank God she’s okay if I stay with her.
I’m excited. It’s good to have something I really really want and worth fighting for.
May Lord lead and guide my way 🙂


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