Finals, internship, et cetera.

So what’s up everybody?

I’ve been very busy lately. It’s either working on my research assignment, being in the lab to prepare samples for a competition, being in the annual Chemical Engineering event committee (Lomba Rancang Pabrik Tingkat Nasional or National Plant Design Competition), and so on and so forth. So here are the highlights of my life lately.

I’m using 2 laptops now!

So now I’m using a Macbook Air and a Dell Inspiron. Apparently Apple isn’t quite compatible with the engineering softwares I need to get assignments done. Another bummer is the Windows 7 64 Bit on my Dell didn’t work out with the Aspen HYSYS I failed to install. ._. If I had to choose between the 2 I’d pick the Air obviously. Ladies, if you’re looking for a slim, mobile, and chic laptop it’s the Macbook Air. It easily slips in your day to day lady bag and the performance is great. The battery is so-so but it’s the mobility that’s special.

Final exams next week

I know I should be working on that cheat sheet but I just couldn’t resist to start the day with writing a post on my blog. The exam schedule is crazy!!! The campus gave a 2 week time slot for finals but it happens that my major decided to squeeze all of ’em in one week! Consequently, I have 3 on Monday, and one everyday following it except Thursday. Wish me luck!

Cheat sheet, Friday May 4 2012 (Before)

cheat sheet Sunday May 6 2012, 2.00 A.M. tiny writing plus color coding is pretty time consuming! But voila, 54 pages fit into half an A4 sheet of paper!

Summer internship at Indonesia’s largest petrochemical plant

So for 2009 batch students this summer is the time for internship!! The system at my major is that the faculty will do the internship hunting and locate the students based on their rank in the major. The top ranked kids will get internship spots quicker than the ones below them. I got mine and 3 other students are placed in Petrokimia Gresik. We’ll be undergoing an internship from June 4th to July 31st this summer. This means ordering plane tickets, looking for lodging, and adjusting to new surroundings! I’m quite excited and overwhelmed knowing that I got a petrochemical plant. My friends say that that’s the place if you want tons of knowledge. I hope I gain knowledge, experience and have a great time with my friends there! I was hoping to get an oil and gas plant but that’s all right, so be it. The weather is scorching hot there so I’m sure I’m gonna pack a lot of sunblock and body scrub 🙂

Sweet tooth out of control

I’ve been having one hell of a sweet tooth lately. Last week my friends and I had an evaluation meeting while having lunch and a Haagen Dazs fondue set for dessert. It was so good and worth every penny! The rich flavor of Haagen Dazs ice cream that meets with rich chocolate melting fondue…yumm. A while after my friends and I hit Trademark (a fashion/food/lifestyle fest that hosts local designers, creative people, food stalls, etc). I got myself a slice of red velvet cake by White Plate. I get rave reviews about their cakes from my friends. It turned out they were good. The chocolate in the cake was quite obvious and the texture was okay (not as velvet-y as Arromanis though). The flavor of the cake was better than Arromanis but it lacked the savory taste of almond garnish unlike Arromanis. All in all White Plate was good. My senior, kak Ajimufti said that it tasted better than Harvest’s red velvet cake. The thing is that White Plate’s red velvet was overpriced.

Haagen Dazs fondue set. Worth every cent!

Arromanis cupcakes: flavors: Red velvet, marble, and banana. Not my kind though, but the packaging was cute!

 I’m learning the guitar now

My brother came to my place last week and he proposed that we traded musical instruments. He wanted to borrow my clarinet so he let me have his guitar for the mean time. I agreed to the arrangement because I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Yodia, my high school close friend that lives upstairs, is quite the guitar master and she gave me some tricks to learn the guitar.

I guess that’s what’s happening in my life lately. I have a lot of ideas to write but I guess I’ll have to wait till finals are over. Until then, ciao!


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