Sunrise at Bromo

the picturesque view..picture taken by me

So just a couple of days ago, my friends and I went to Mount Bromo to see the scenic view of the sunrise. We planned the trip from a week prior to the departure. One of my friends, Andhika lives in Malang and he was kind enough to offer his home for us to stay. After browsing tour packages, we decided to organize the trip ourselves..we discovered that spending a night in Bromo obviously increased the expenses so the final decision was to depart on Friday night, stay for a couple of hours at Andhika’s place and depart to Bromo from there. We were a group of 10 so Andhika’s mom lended a hand to rent us an Elf that could seat 10-12 people. After a week of waiting and looking forward to an exciting weekend, Friday finally came! Adi’s brother was also kind enough to rent us a car for us to use throughout the internship so Adi drove us to Surabaya, met up with Andhika (his internship was in Mojokerto and he offered to guide us from Surabaya to Malang via his car), and drove to Malang. The 2,5 hour trip finally transported us to the neat and cool city of Malang. Andhika’s parents waited for us at a local Chinese food restaurant where we ate wholeheartedly :p super thanks for the late dinner treat Om and Tante 😀 The Elf (complete with the driver) was already waiting at Andhika’s place so we quickly got ready (washed our faces, brushed our teeth, and changed).

We started our trip to Bromo at midnight. It was the middle of the night so after a few minutes of chatter and catching up (it was a mini reunion of the East Java interns) we all dozed off to sleep. When we got to Bromo we had a spare hour to haggle with hardtop rentals, get ready (rent coats and go to the bathroom), and sleep. We rented 2 hardtops and started our journey up to the stairs to the view point at about a quarter to 5. When we got there, the place was already packed with people from different ages, speaking different languages, and from various nationalities. It was quite the tourist destination. At first everything around was dark and it was hard to even recognize people’s faces. The sky was a pretty gradation of black, dark blue, to a  dark orange. You could tell that the sunshine was coming really soon.

After patiently waiting and moving here and about to get a nice spot, we finally settled at a not so bad spot to view the sun’s grand arrival. Cameras, both professional, mobile phone, and pocket cameras were raised everywhere. That made it quite tricky to search for a spot because we didn’t want to witness the sunrise from an LCD screen. I didn’t quite care much of documenting the sunrise. Besides the fact that my camera lacked the ability to capture excellent images in that kind of light, I just wanted to savor the moment, silently and peacefully. That’s why I was really pissed off when there was this really loud group of people around my age. I was silently screaming, like, seriously? Everyone else, especially the foreigners, spoke in quite voices, to respect the peaceful situation of the mountaintop. I couldn’t stand it and started to hush the group. They responded negatively so I decided to search for another spot. Another thing that pissed me off was cigarette smoke! Seriously seriously seriously. One of the purposes to escape to raw nature was to breathe in fresh mountain air. Now these ignorant people had to pollute it for their own nicotine cravings? Oh my dear God. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who was pissed off and I wasn’t shy to speak up but still, they declined to put out the smoke just for a few minutes. How disgusting. Well, I didn’t want my grouchy self (aside my menstrual mood swing) to kill the mood so we put our focus to making a special documentation for a special occasion 🙂 We also took pictures here and there.

After that we went from the view point and came back to our hardtops. The drivers took us down hill to the sandy desert part. It was really cool to see that the tiny dots that you could see from the view point were actually the hardtops. You can imagine how high above the view point was. We stopped to take pictures and continue to the crater area. It was very sandy, there was a temple in the middle, and there were horses everywhere. For those who don’t have the energy to climb the sandy stairs can easily ride a horse, but to get a nice price you have to haggle first. Due to my lack of interest to spend any cash there, I summoned all the energy to climb up by foot. Trust me it was not easy. It was a very sandy path (it was a desert) and it was steep. The wind made it worse. Thank God I brought a scarf and sunglasses to protect my eyes. It was a very tiring climb up but I didn’t want to give up so easily..I guess I was just a few moments away to stopping and get some cash from my purse to give in to the following horses nearby but then again I regained my strength to climb up. The path lacked any safety equipment so you could only rely on yourself and your friends. After the tough climb up we finally got to the edge of the crater. The view from there was great (but not as spectacular as the view from the view point we saw the sunrise). I guess we expected to much. Oh well, at least the climb up and the way down was worth remembering. We were exhausted and decided to finish there and head back to Malang and grab lunch on the way.

the steep and slippery way down

To sum up, the trip to Bromo was amazing. The view was spectacular and the magnificence was made you (again) realize how tiny you are in the manifest of God’s creation: the universe. This is just Bromo, how about other mountains, other scenic beauty, the Grand Canyon, or maybe even outer space? That’s why I was so eager when I planned this trip. We all needed refreshing that does not occur in a mall or anything else urban like. As for the safety and policy (non smoking for instance) it clearly needs improvement. The edge of the crater needs more safety components and the stairs to the crater desperately needed to be repaired. But all in all a trip to Bromo is worth the time and effort.

A few moments after the sunrise, still at the view point

Photo with Nabilla, at the view point

me, dressing in layers to anticipate catching a cold during my internship

after the trip downhill we stopped to take a picture

with my DPR princess, Bibil 🙂

heading back to our jeeps


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