I just had to write this

It’s 1.31 A.M. and I’m still up. I know I still have homework on nickel processing and I should be sleeping. But I had to write this. Right here, right now. I have so much on my mind. An ever growing to do list. Me missing my family back at home. My final research. The aerobics class and yoga class schedule at the gym. Being single (still). My soon to graduate crush. My junior crush. And other random tiny micro crushes. Me being too shy with my crush. Me having too much pride to text/make a move first. My internship report. Me missing my dead best friend. My weird living place. The 150 dollar prize money I just won last night. The weight I gained recently. The 23 credits I’m taking this semester. Me being head of program division. The position paper on MDGs I should be working on. The mess in my room. Eating healthy. The blurry future ahead. My GPA. What to wear to a certain fancy networking dinner coming soon this Friday. Planning the trip for HNMUN. My division staff. My country preferences for HNMUN. My very loud roommates. Finding the perfect push-up bra. Finding the perfect pair of flats. How to make money for HNMUN. Oil companies that are willing to be a speaker for the international seminar I’m working hard on. How I desperately need a massage. And a creambath. And some serious skin treatment. Blaaaaah. Bear with me people. Expect more posts like this for the upcoming weeks.

Might as well take it one task at a time. Allow me to be a bit narsistic. Here are some photos from recent social life events. Oh yeah having a social life is pretty much what keeps me sober in this sea of craziness. Dinners, music gigs, birthday surprise parties, hanging out at a cafe, an occasional cocktail now and then, you name it. Yin and yang, work hard play hard. Anyway, I should get back to that nickel paper.

Tyas’s birthday dinner at Braga Permai

Halal Bihalal ciciwi geng TPB at Hartwood Bandung

dinner at Ocha&Bella

me and the future lighting expert, Meng, super bestieeee!

Marche Plaza Senayan


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