I Don’t Like Korean Pop

So when I was casually opening my Twitter timeline, I saw my fellow lady engineer/Wordress buddy, @marshafaradina, retweet a tweet from @wordpressdotcom that says: ‘We’ve all survived the Mayan Apocalypse and so now you’ve got time to blog. Our challenge? Blog every day for a week: http://buff.ly/Up1n9W

wordpressSo where should I start? The post said: “You might be writing jokes on your blog, or it could be poems, personal reflections, short stories, memoirs, and / or posting photos. Jack suggests that you can achieve any goal you choose if you can devote just 30 minutes a day to it.” Well then I’ve been thinking about my first post and my friend’s tweet about KPop sparked an idea. Why not write about me disliking KPop?

I do not like KPop (a short term for Korean Pop). Ever since college I’ve seen a lot of my friends fall in love with KPop. They exchange music videos, new episodes of Running Man, Korean drama TV serials, music, and all sorts of stuff. Some of my friends actually pay really good money for concert tickets…even if that means standing in line hours before the ticket booth opens and fighting against whiny teenagers. My other friend even got in a Twitter feud with a particular KPop band groupie just because she rationally critiqued how some of the fans lacked a good sense of attitude. Even if there was a huge exam on the next day or tiring lab hours on the previous day, my friends go to their favorite KPop band concert. One thing is, I totally admire their loyalty..but despite their efforts on convincing me that KPop is that awesome, I still don’t get it. I understand this is a sensitive topic, considering how brutal those KPop fans can be. But trust me if you even think to argue with me, you’re wasting your time. This is totally subjective and a matter of taste. 😉 So here are the reasons I just can’t enjoy KPop.

First, every time I see a KPop band guy, I instantly imagine them with long brown/blond hair and fake eyelashes…especially if these guys wear eyeliner -_-  I think Koreans are one of the most genetically lucky Asians. Despite that, that genetic beauty is not quite a turn on for me. Is it because of their flawless features and porcelain skin (fake or real, who knows?)? Perhaps that’s the reason why KPop guys work hard to get hot bods like the one in the picture below? Well at least the abs and the arms can distract you from the blond hair-fake eyelashes thought.

TaeYang-Celebrity-Singer-Sexy-Celebrity-600x375Second is I don’t get KPop humor. During my 2 month long internship in East Java, I shared a house with about 4 KPop lovers, 2 guys and 2 girls. I saw them watch Running Man during their free time and these guys actually laughed their butts off. I mean they really had a good laugh. Is it because my sense of humor is more triggered by word play or sarcasm (well typical American humor) and I don’t get a thing they say? Perhaps that’s also why I’m not a big fan of Korean music (the boy band/girl band type) unless it’s for running music or for my alarm clock ring tone. But other than that I’ve heard other Korean music that are really good, most of them are acoustic jazz types.

Third: KPop drama is too….dreamy. I don’t know, I’ve never really watched one but seeing the ones that my friends watch and based on their stories they seem mostly light and cheesy. I enjoy challenging TV shows like Revenge or Breaking Bad so I guess it’s just a matter of taste. The thing about dreamy TV shows is that hard slap during the transition from watching the TV show to real life. And that tiny voice in your head during cheesy scenes saying, “Yeah, right. Like that happens in the hard world we live in.”

So I guess those are the 3 main reasons why I just can’t like KPop. Some of my friends used to dislike KPop but ended up liking it. I guess that chance for me is pretty tight…so well you go like KPop, I’ll go like my Western TV shows and music. My 30 minutes is almost up and I have an energy audit report to finish so, till our next daily post. ♥


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Korean Pop

  1. Gw juga ga suka kpop dan suka sebel sama fans2 kpop yg lebay dan brutal (gatau harus milih kata apa lagi sebagai penggantinya).
    Dramanya masi nonton beberapa tapi ga banyak. Paling ga suka liat cowo korea yg cuantik2, makeup nya ketara bgt ky cewe, muka porselen, yakin deh kalo dijilbabin jd super cantik ngalahin cewek LOL.
    Menurut gw kok kpop lovers rada lebay fanatiknya, maksudnya indo sering bgt kan kena macem2 wave kaya dulu kiblat bgt ke barat, bollywood, etc, tapi ga segitu fanatiknya tuh kayanya.
    Seneng ternyata ada juga yang ga suka korea, secara gw dikelilingi orang2 yg almost everyday talks about korean thingy, and i feel sick of it!

  2. Well, i’m in the middle of liking and disliking.
    I love-love-love Bigbang (it’s a korean “boyband”, consists of 5 people. their genre is mainly Rn’B & hip-hop). But i hate some of Korean boybands.
    Gue setuju banget kalo kadang banyak pecinta kpop yg fanatiknya lebay dan segala macem, tapi kalo diliat ya.. ga semua kpop itu jelek :s
    Ga semua anggota boyband korea di operasi dan fake, hmm…. contohnya? ya yg fotonya lo pasang di atas. Namanya Taeyang dan dia salah satu anggota Bigbang.
    Banyak banget boyband korea yg sungguh-sungguh not worth to watch, tapi ada juga kok yg worth to watch. Ada juga yg di panggung kerjanya ga lipsync dan ga cuma joget gajelas… *tidak menyebut nama*.

    Kalo dipikir-pikir, sekarang juga ada boyband yg namanya One Direction. First of all, they’re boyband, but from UK. Second of all, fans mereka juga banyak yg fanatik dan brutal, bahkan ada yg sampe rela ngiris-ngiris tangan cuma buat nama personilnya ketanem di diri para fans itu. Kenapa banyak haters bagi kpopers, tp dikit bgt bagi directioners…. (NO HATE, JUST OPINION).

    Coba deh, sekali-kali lo denger lagunya LesSang, Tablo, Epik High, Tiger JK. Gue disini gabisa bilang lagu mereka bagus banget dan lo bakal suka, but…trust me, they’re different.
    What I’m trying to say here is…..just because they sing in Korean doesn’t mean all of them are lame.
    Btw, thanks for the red velvet recipe! It’s easy to follow and gives a taste of heaven:)

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