Samsung S4 Camera Results

So my folks got me a new phone since my Torch decided to shut down totally with no reason. It’s my first Android and I am very grateful to have it not long after its launch. The Samsung S4 is not overrated, although it has a few technical glitches here and there such as its weird camera that occasionally lags and causes the phone to restart (this is totally inconvenient in group photos or in social scenes). Aside from that and its overheating issue, the crystal clear screen is fantastic and the fluid interface is great. If the iPhone wasn’t so narrow, I’d go for the iPhone but the screen and the perfect dimension of the Samsung S4 makes it great to read eBooks and browse sites. The results of the camera are good, front and back; in dim light and vivid light. Here are some photos using the front camera. And pardon me, some of them are selfies.

Back Camera


monicantik - S4 camera 1


Front Camera


monraphita - 1 monraphita - 2

monraphita - 4


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