Surat dari Marsha

monicantik - marsha faradina

Jadi, Marsha Faradina adalah teman seperjuangan di Teknik Kimia, sesama kepala divisi di panitia RFEC 2013, dan trainer di HNMUN.

Perhaps everybody in campus (at least for the 2009-2013 time period) knows Marsha as the GanBest: Ganesha Best Student, penghargaan prestisius bagi mapres (mahasiswa berprestasi) utusan fakultas yang nomor 1 di ITB. Everybody knows Marsha as the competition hopper, the delegate, yang mukanya tidak jarang muncul di billboard di Jalan Ganesha (jaman dulu pas Jl. Ganesha masih memampangkan billboard di area gerbang depan). But to me, Marsha is my heart-to-heart conversation buddy. As weird as this may sound, our track record, in terms of love and relationship serupa..meski tak sama. I know Marsha as the delicate hearted, loving and affectionate yet strong minded girl who is in search for true love. Hari-hari bersama di Teknik Kimia tidak jarang kita lewati dengan deep conversations about our views on relationship, guys, the future. She also owns a blog and trust me, she’s good. 🙂

Selain rekan dalam curhat, doi juga rekan kerja di panitia RFEC dan di Ganesha MUN Club. Di masa gue jadi delegate (HNMUN 2013) doi jadi trainer gue. Di panitia RFEC, ketika gue jadi kadiv Acara, doi jadi kadiv Humas. We went on our first business trip together, yaitu pas misi promosi RFEC di ajang RSCE di Bali. She’s a rare example of a friend that is great to work with and play with. 

As I have stated in my previous post, I highly appreciate hand written letters. Excuse me for being cheesy but I believe that: Chocolates melt, flowers wither, but love letters endure everything. Even time. Thank you Marsha for the letter and cute souvenirs. You know me so well :””) 

Ini bunyi suratnya:

Congraduation Monica Raphita Simarmata ST!

I actually bought these souvenirs two years ago, tapi lupa terus ngasihnya. Consider it a graduation gift 🙂 Congrats ya Mon udah jadi sarjana! After all those bloodshed and tears bahkan sampe the last moments, lo tetep strive hard. Terima kasih banget selama ini lo udah jadi temen yang super baik sama gue, always provides a shoulder to cry on buat gue yang jomblo ini :p I’m thankful to have found a friend who has alot of common viewpoints. They say good friends are as rare and precious as diamonds, and I agree with that after having met you. It’s hard for me to imagine mau cerita all out tentang messed up relationships, our own version of feminism (which is a hybrid between Western and Eastern cultures) atau beauty tips kalo gak sama lo. I want you to know that you have left a deep impression on me that I can’t easily forget, and I hope I have been too, on you. Keep writing, semoga kita cepet dapet jodoh yang terbaik dan memenuhi semua kriteria, di waktu yang tepat dan kalo bisa ga jauh-jauh dari sekarang, haha! God bless you abundantly ❤

Love you to the moon and back,

Marsha Faradina


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