The Things My Mother Taught Me

As I lay in my bed wondering why on earth the girls upstairs are talking with loud voices at 1 AM and why the old lady living across my room has set the volume of her TV so loudly, I thought ‘Poor girls. I wonder if their mothers ever taught them to have soft and tender voices.’ That’s when I started to think and recall my mother’s fussy lessons and messages. My mother has taught me all sorts of things like any mother would, but there are some things that stand out…either because of the frequency she repeats them or how unexpected they are. Since I don’t have the best memory in the world, I can only recall some.

1. Be humble. Do not be arrogant.
2. A girl’s voice should be soft and tender.
3. Your ass should be the first thing you check out when you are looking in the mirror.
4. Wear proper lingerie. Being sexy starts from wearing the best support.
5. A girl’s boobs should be firm and…’challenging’.
6. Sexy does not equal to showing too much skin. Leave room for the imagination.
7. Do not marry a frugal man.
8. A woman must work and pursue a career.
9. Always be thankful.
10. Clothes do not have to be expensive to look good. This, however, does not apply to shoes and bags.
11. In doubt, pray for a sign.
12. Mama percaya kamu bisa. I believe you can do it.
13. The key of achieving your ambitions in life starts from being healthy and taking good care of yourself.
14. Don’t look for a rich guy to marry. Look for a smart and hardworking one.
15. Always lend a helping hand to those in need. Giving multiplies happiness. Do not worry of not having enough.


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