12 Reasons Why My Best Friend Melati Rocks

1. I can pig out with her at restaurants and not worry about her criticizing my bulldozer appetite. We can be fabulous pigs together. So awesome, isn’t it?

2. I can blabber about all the unnecessary drama in my life and get genuine advice and feel comforted afterwards.

3. We can talk about guys for hours (without filters) and be brutally honest.

4. I can talk about how kooky I am around guys and not feel judged about it.

5. I can blabber about my personal fucked up thoughts and she still listens…as if she’s my shrink.

6. She laughs at my stupid decisions and not make me feel insulted/mocked.

7. She hears me out during the shitty days when all I do is whine and all I need is someone to listen to me when I whine.

8. I can bravely tell her my embarassing and silly moments and share a roaring laugh together.

9. She’s honest with me. Even if the things she says are things I already know I’ll hear but don’t want to hear.

10. I can be totally emotional and vulnerable in front of her. Especially when I start wondering out loud and having sudden ‘wise moments’.

11. But at the same time, not long after that…she brings out the funny in me. Oh and the weird too. Whatever. It’s like: fuck the world let’s be weird together.

12. She’s so genuinely nice, she makes me feel like this. Frequently.

To be honest, as I am making this list, I truly admire Meng for putting up with me through all these years. And thanks to Meng, I never ever have to feel like Izzie here.

Melati is one of my bestest best best friend in the whole wide world. Ever since high school. Gue pertama kenal Melati pas kelas X, saat itu di kelas bahasa Jerman. Awalnya nggak gitu deket, biasa aja, bahkan it was just aquaintances. Gue sama Melati baru bersahabat di kelas XI, I think it was because everyone was already (or seemed to be) in gangs, and Melati, Odha, and I were the non-gang people that ended up saling deket aja gitu. I remember we had that click moment pas jam wali kelas dan ada aktivitas super cheesy di mana kita dibagikan selembar kertas dan disuruh nulis kesan terhadap anak-anak yang lain. Yah karena baru kenal dan masih awal ya kesan yang ditulis orang-orang masih super standar: baik, ramah, lembut. We started to talk: “Ini apaan sih.” Terus gue nyeletuk, “Nulis baik itu ketauan banget deh nggak kenalnya.” Terus Odha and Melati ketawa, and we started talking as if we had known each other for long.

Ever since, kita jadi ngobrol dan temenan gitu..sampe kuliah. Sampe sama-sama keterima di ITB, di fakultas yang sama, di FTI, sama-sama pindah ke Bandung, sama-sama di KMK. Meskipun kita beda jurusan, gue teknik kimia, doi fisika teknik; dan beda unit, we still made time to bridge the gap and keep in touch, sekalipun sesimpel gereja bareng dan dilanjutkan makan sambil catching up, atau pas liburan meet up dengan sahabat lain juga.

Not a lot of people can get (get as in understand, not pursue) me, Melati is one of the few that does. She can tell how I would react or how I would view something (I hope that does not make me predictable). She knows me really well. She can tell if I’m having a crappy day, or if I’m in a good mood, or if I have something that I am dying to tell her.

I call Melati the underrated flower, because I think Melati is a very special girl. Aside from how pretty she is, she really is something. Sesuatu banget. Bold minded, yet with a soft and graceful presence. Lovable, a great listener, creative, smart, and strong. She has an eye for weird things; she notices things that people don’t. She has a cool music taste (she’s my source for new music). She’s wise and sensible. She’s truly a person you can count on. You have my word on that.

melati - blog

On top of everything else, Melati has been my best friend through the good and the bad. In good times, ketika pengumuman hasil ujian komprehensif, Melati datang membawa kue Harvest dan kartu pop-up bikinan sendiri. Our weird inside jokes that can make us burst into giggles, even in a public place. We can be loud together and have really deep conversations, but we can also be silent and just sit there and contemplate together-and still have a good time. She knows how much I love serundeng, pas doi mudik bawain serundeng. Pas wisuda, Melati sama HBP (panggilan sayang untuk si sahabat satunya Fransiska Liliani that pretty much stands for Haus Belaian Pria) datang dengan berbagai macam bejubel hadiah seperti bouquet bunga, mahkota, and a book that motivated me to accomplish my secret getaway mission. She was there through all the romantic flings and failures; love stories and breakups. She lent me a place to stay so I can go to Java Jazz Festival 😀 She was there when things got rough too. She was there when we lost our dearest mutual best friend. She helped me arrange the Novena prayer group when Fanka had gone missing. She was right next to me on February 8 2012, when the sky turned orange and a rainbow lit the sky. She was right next to me, standing outside of Oktagon when I received a phone call from Johan saying that Fanka was found..’dan udah ga bisa diselametin’. She was right there. She was right there. Always. Her presence and support ranges from as simple as a text message comforting me, to her literal, physical presence helping me out and giving a shoulder to cry on.

So on this day, the day Melati turns 22, I would like to express my gratitude and how thankful, lucky and honored I am to have Melati as my best friend. Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if everyone had a Melati figure in their lives. Haha, unch banget kan. Aww ♡


There are a lot of songs about being 22 (I still have no idea why). So embrace this age while it lasts! Good luck on that final project. When things get rough, think of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Trust me, it’s worth it. Sometimes, the hardest thing to defeat is ourselves. Don’t let you get in the way of greater things waiting to be achieved. I believe you have so much to offer to the world, so go girl. Fight for your dreams, keep shining, and be the best Melati you can be! I know that God has someone in store for you Melati, a good guy that truly deserves you. Be patient till the time comes! And let me be the first to know when it does 😛 So have a rockin birthday my rockin best friend! Keep rockin!


SO…ENJOY AGING! I hope you feel jolly like this cool dude here:

and not be like Joey here:

So everyone, do me a favor and give her a shout out and give her a rockin birthday wish! Her twitter nickname is @supermelati! 

Hope you are having a rockin 22nd birthday Meng!

Friends Forever,

Monica ♡



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