What’s inside my bag? Voila, here’s a sneak peek!


  • 11″ Macbook Air which I believe is one of the best laptops ever.
  • my Blackberry: which I mainly use for work related purposes and because of that the battery life is great (I can go for 2 days without charging!)
  • my other phone which I’ve used to take this picture (Samsung S4 which I mainly use for Whatsapp, which is not installed on my BB, LINE, Path, and browsing)
  • pink Philips earphones
  • chargers (not pictured) both for the Mac and the phones. I should get a power bank soon.


  • A clear holder folder to hold all sorts of documents (banyakan disposisi, maklum, abdi negara hehe)
  • my Snoopy Moleskine monthly agenda. Moleskine agendas are awesome. Great design, light paper.
  • my Paris notebook for taking notes in meetings.
  • a Bic pastel color pen (I color code when I take notes. Black ink is boring.)
  • Stabilo pink lighter. Mandatory to light out documents from le boss!
  • I also usually carry a book everywhere but since I’m currently reading an eBook there aren’t any books in my bag 😉

Cosmetics and Toiletries:

  • MAC pressed powder: it’s great but I have to admit, Bobbi Brown’s luminous compact foundation is still much better.
  • Lancome lipstick.
  • hand sanitizer
  • Benefit They’re Real mascara. Best mascara ever!!
  • Cashmere scent mini bottle of body lotion
  • oil blotting face paper

The Mandatory Stuff

  • my office ID card
  • my Celebrity Fitness gym card
  • my Bally wallet. I like big wallets.
  • my little pink Elephant pocket for change and small cash bills.
  • TicTacs!
  • my red rosary beads. I have this weird habit of bringing rosary beads everywhere in my bag.
  • a hair brush which my friend Vania says looks like a Paramecium organism -__-
  • my brown Dsquared glasses. Had them for 2 years now…
  • a handkerchief: my mother always says a lady must always have a handkerchief at hand
  • my pink Starbucks tumbler. I stashed a bag of Japanese green tea leaves at work so every morning I make myself hot green tea and put it in my tumbler.
  • my black glittery Mango umbrella with studs on the handle (not pictured). I have a thing for black umbrellas.

I guess that’s it. I try my best to keep my bag nice and tidy and make sure each item has a clear function. Toodles!


Inside My Bag

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