I Haven’t Written in a While



Hello! Horas! Ahoi! Mejuah-juah! Njuah-juah! Aloha! Hola!


Well hello again! I haven’t written in a while, have I? Where have I been?

Well I’ve been quite busy lately. What’s been going on in my life lately?

And after a few encouraging input from some of my blog readers, well..here you go!

1. Lulus Prajabatan (I passed the mandatory training for government new recruits).

Prajabatan Angkatan 5 Kementerian ESDM <3

Prajabatan Angkatan 5 Kementerian ESDM ❤

5 weeks in a remote area….was surprisingly freakin awesome and surpassed my dreadful expectation. And thank God weekends were (mostly) free so we maximized our weekends to travel!

River tubing in Pindul, Yogyakarta

River tubing in Pindul, Yogyakarta

Oh, our class was awesome too. We even had a cute makrab, sort of like a party/gathering with food, games, and even a round of conversations around a bonfire. Going back to work was a rough transition, and moving on took weeks. Luckily our class is still close thanks to our occasionally active Whatsapp group and get togethers.


2. Werk Werk Werk

a pic I took from the pool at Royal Kuningan Hotel

a pic I took from the pool at Royal Kuningan Hotel

Werkin. What more can I say? Get up at 4.50, depart for work at 5.45, arrive at around 6.30 ish, work, go home at 4 PM (Well during Ramadhan month it was changed to 3 PM *yayyy*). Repeat. Look forward to weekends. Well at least working in the public sector enables me to travel a lot (in this case, being single is a perk), or at least attend events and functions at hotels and stuff so yeah, all is well.

3. Restocking my makeup kit



The essentials in my make up kit: MAC Studio Fix or Bobbi Brown Luminous Powder Foundation. I’m currently trying out new stuff: Benefit Porefessional and lip color products! I was never the kind of girl that liked wearing lipstick, but lately I’ve developed a crush for lipsticks and the whole look of a creamy splash of color on the lips! So the other day I dragged my friend (who coincidentally also needed to get new stuff for her face as well) to Grand Indonesia. So after hours of blog walking on the internet reading reviews and seeing swatches, I bought MAC’s chatterbox and NYX’s butter gloss in Peaches & Cream. I was aiming for the pink and fresh look. Nude hasn’t suited me very well because I end up looking pale and washed out instead of..well…nude. And bold colors…nah, not yet.

4. Maximizing my free time not to sit in front of my laptop (unless when I’m trip planning of course)

So yeah. I try my best to use my weekends to do stuff I love or engage in social agendas. I do Zumba and I love going to the gym (which is good because I have the same..or perhaps a bigger love for food). Zumba is awesome. It’s kinda like clubbing but it’s healthy, done at day time, and minus the alcohol and itty bitty outfits and heavy makeup. Oh, I’m also back in my diet. I gained a lot of weight this past year, and I’m serious about returning to my 2012 body when I could confidently wear jeans with a tucked in form fitting top. Aside to going to the gym, I occasionally get some retail therapy and social therapy….like getting together with old friends, catching up, and trying out new hip places around Jakarta and Bandung.

ah a girl needs some of this once in a while

ah a girl needs a dose of this kind of therapy once in a while


Oh Bandung. The cool thing about Bandung is, in a matter of months, there are some new cool hang out spots. So I usually look forward to graduation weekends (I guess this year is the last year I still have friends who are graduating). Graduation weekends are moments to get gifts for graduating buddies, reunite with everyone, and try to squeeze a lot of meet ups in just 2 days. But all in all, coming back to Bandung and reuniting with my favorite Bandung people never fails to recharge my mood!

Mom's Bakery cupcakes are my go-to for graduation gifts.

Mom’s Bakery cupcakes are my go-to for graduation gifts.

Aside from social agendas, Jakarta is a vibrant city full of cool and free events such as running events which is currently a craze in Jakarta or even cooking demos, book fairs, cultural fairs, free film festivals, seminars, and so on. Like this weekend I’ll be participating in the ASEAN Fun Run Village and next week I’m coming to Indonesia Mengglobal’s event. All you need is to stay updated!

5. Trip Planning!

So I’m planning to travel (far) next year. After 1 year of probation, I can finally take some days off after April next year. After seeing very beautiful pictures of my friends’ trips to Komodo and Flores, I too want to take the same trip as well! I’ve already got a group of travelling buddies, so all there’s left to do is plan it, save for it, set a date, and go! I truly hope for Divine Intervention to make this happen, oh man do I need a getaway!

one of Andien's Flores Trip photos on Instagram. If this doesn't make you drool for a trip there, I do not know what will.

one of Andien’s Flores Trip photos on Instagram. If this doesn’t make you drool for a trip there, I do not know what will.

So. Yeah. I guess that’s it for today. Toodles everyone!


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