Falling Asleep Without Trying

A pic I took when I couldn't sleep

A pic I took last month  when I couldn’t sleep. I have a bad habit of leaving the TV on all night when I’m sleeping alone in a hotel room. Sorry energy police.

Don’t you love it when you lay down and then the next thing you know you open your eyes, you’re delirious, not knowing what time it is. You check your phone and your memory comes back to you. It’s 4:32 AM, it’s a Saturday and congratulations, you managed to get some sleep without even trying! Perhaps it’s the adult version of when you were a kid and watching TV in the living room, and the next thing you know you open your eyes and you’re in bed. You wonder how you got there, the last thing you remember is watching a scene in that weird TV show that you thought would be good.

So how did you fall asleep without trying? Maybe it’s the strenuous work these past days, or is it the emotional baggage you carry around with you everywhere? Or maybe the glasses of wine you had at dinner? Or the flu pills you took earlier because of the cold you caught from the chilly air in the plane? Or the anxiety you carry around about work, about the future? Or is it the past haunting you? The dark memories that you visit from time to time that still bring tears to your eyes. The wounds that haven’t healed? Like when you were a kid, when you got a scab and had to cover it with a band aid, you couldn’t help taking a peek now and then to check if it’s covered with new skin or not.

Whatever it is, for whatever reason, it feels so nice to fall asleep without trying. To drift off, without letting your mind be carried away with thoughts. To sleep for 6-7 hours straight, without waking up every 2 hours for no reason.


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