On Being a Girl With a Guy Best Friend

A guy and a girl can be best friends without falling for each other. But that does not mean that feelings won’t surface, they can and they probably will. If they don’t good, but if they do…well it’s entirely your choice on how to react to it and which you want to save: your feelings or the friendship.

new girl

But first let me start with the perks of being a girl with a guy best friend:

1. He can help you decode things guy say.

A guy best friend can be really handy when you don’t know how to respond the potential SO, especially if you’re clueless about guys. Guy A texted me this, what am I supposed to say, or Guy B only asks me out every few weeks, should I text him first, and the list goes on. This works the other way around too, if he wants to decode what girls say, you better be ready to decipher all of that.

2. You’ll always have a wingman for situations that require having a wingman.

Being his plus one to a wedding or a function is something you gotta be prepared for, and vice versa. Even if it’s just casual like trying out that new gelato shop, or seeing that new movie, he’ll be the wingman.

3. You always have a buddy to share everything, from the good to the ugly.

From ugly revisits to bad memories with your ex-boyfriend, to sharing dirty jokes, to funny obese Disney Princess cartoons,  and serious career or educational topics, he’s always on the other line. It even feels weird that a day goes by without texting each other.

4. He’s ready to give you pragmatic feedback you need but don’t want to hear.

He’s a guy. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus right? There’s no sugar coating. Everything is served raw and practical. He’s gonna be the one who’s gonna tell you that you need to work out or watch what you eat. You tell each other that because no feelings would be hurt.

Those are the perks. What are the things that can be tricky? Dodging the ‘Are you dating?’ or occasional teasing/assumptions made by your friends/family. Your cousin thinks you’re dating, his mother thinks you’re dating. You have to be careful to not give the impression that you’re dating, but at the same time you spend a lot of time together. So..yes that can be tricky.

Oh and like I mentioned at the top, it is possible for feelings to surface. But since you’re best friends, you can talk about it, and it’s up to you, if you both want to transform it into a relationship and it may work, well why not. But if it doesn’t look that it will be successful, and you want to save the friendship instead, well just acknowledge the elephant in the room, let the feelings fade away, and be best friends again! In my case, we talked about feelings in retrospect, so we quickly brushed them off.  The reality is,  just because he’s your guy best friend, it does not necessary mean he is SO material. If you’re a sensitive and naturally caring person like me, you have to constantly remind yourself not to be carried away by the comfort of the friendship.

Him: There was a time I was attracted to you.
Me: Hahahahaa

A few moments later..

Me: Wait why?
Him: I think it’s a combination of your curves, wide knowledge, nice accent, and friendly trait.
Me: Guess what. there was a time I was attracted to you once as well. But…well I didn’t want to mess things up.
Him: What…..what if it was at the same time.
Me: Haha no I don’t think so.

So to sum up, having a guy best friend is a great thing that I cherish in my life! I also cherish my female best friends, there are gaps that can only be filled by being best friends with a girl. A thing to remember is that, it doesn’t work for everyone, maintaining one requires self control, but at the end of the day if you fight the good fight, you may reap the results.

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