On the Repit Hot Brush

After years of having long hair and holding on to the belief that it suits me best, I have finally cut my hair shorter than its usual length. After the chop came another challenge: making it look good everyday. That’s the role Repit’s hot brush plays in my life now.

It all began after meeting up with my best friend when he told me how I needed a new hairstyle. After doing a little research and noticing how going from long to short is currently the hottest hair trend, I did it! I went to my favorite hair stylist, Om Thio from my go-to salon, Irwan Team in Bintaro, and he did his magic. Voila!

After a few days of adjusting to my new hair, I discovered that my hair length didn’t go very well with my naturally wavy hair. That’s a thing I love about having long hair, at least I’ve always thought long hair requires less maintenance. That’s when I decided that I need to learn how to style my hair, but with a routine that’s quick and easy.

I went to the mall and walked directly to the hairstyling tools section. I did a little research on Youtube and I had a few brands in mind, but honestly Repit wasn’t one of them. I chatted with the store attendant and she recommended me the Repit brush. The store had 2 kinds: the 2 in 1 flat iron and brush and the hot brush. I never use flat irons because I’ve always thought that they make my hair look flat, so I ditched the 2-in-1 brush and opted for the hot brush instead. I chose the 32mm hot brush because I like large curls instead of small ones. The store attendant told me it was all the rage with beauty bloggers writing reviews on it like Andra Alodita and Lizzie Parra (of course I didn’t know that because I don’t read their blogs regularly). So while the store attendant performed trial runs on my hair, I read how positive the reviews were and boom! I walked out of the store with a Repit hot brush in my shopping bag. It cost me IDR 1.9 million (about 143 USD).

So here are some photos to give you a picture of the steps of my (now) daily hair routine.

The steps

After washing my hair using Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo, I spray heat protection product on my damp, towel dried hair. The product I use is Tresemme Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray. The last thing I need is my hair to be damaged due to my new routine.

After spraying the product, I blow dry my hair until it’s dry (photo on the top left). The store attendant told me that for best results using the Repit Hot Brush is using it on dry hair, and I tried using it on 50% dry hair and the results weren’t as great. Once my hair is dry, I run my fingers through my hair and comb it (photo on the top right, before combing).

This is when the Repit hair brush comes in. If you watch videos you’ll see ladies dividing their hair into sections and clipping them. Well, I guess I’m just too lazy or in too much of a hurry to do that, so I dive right in, rolling a section at a time (photo on the bottom left). I usually start with the bottom of my hair and roll it inwards. For volume, I do the upper part of my hair last. The Repit hot brush has four temperature settings, all in degrees Celsius: 130, 150, 170, and 190. For maximum staying power, use the highest temperature. I never use the highest temperature because I’m still not comfortable using it that hot, so 150 and 170 is enough for me. Besides, my hair is already soft and the strands are thin, so experience shows that those temperatures prove to be sufficient.

So let me weigh in the pros and cons of the Repit hot brush.

  • It saves you a lot of time. It only takes 2 minutes to heat. No need to go to the salon for a blow out!
  • It’s very easy to use. You are in full control of the movement of the brush.
  • The bristles are not heat conductors, so you can actually touch them when you use the brush.
  • Honestly, it is pricey for a brush, right? But don’t worry, many stores have 0% credit card installment programs.
  • For a frequent traveller like myself, it doesn’t come in a travel friendly size. It’s pretty big to put in a suitcase/travel bag.

But all in all, it’s 4.5 of 5 to me (the non-travel friendly size was a significant let down). So after using the brush in all parts of my hair, voila!

Repit Review Monicantik_2

Not bad, right?

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