45 Minute Getaway

monicantik - Sundays Beach Club

I don’t need to teleport to Bali, Paris, or Moscow for a quick getaway. Hearing my phone ring and seeing your name on my phone screen, calling to say hi and how my day was is the equivalent of a getaway. To me, a 45 minute, 15 minute, or even a 1 hour call from you is equivalent to a getaway.

The warm hello coming from the other end of the call emanates the excitement of boarding a plane to the getaway destination.

Making you laugh radiates the same happiness as feeling warm Uluwatu sand between my toes and the cool water splashing against my skin.

Hearing your stories reminds me of the crisp air of Budapest in winter time: fresh and soothing.

The comfortable pauses of silence in between are delicious. Silence does not bother us. Hearing you breathe (not in a creepy sense) reminds me of taking a night stroll in Vienna.

I look forward to your call the same way I look forward to my annual vacation.

Can we savor this while it lasts?

Can this be preserved and be saved in a capsule, to open from time to time?

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