The author of this blog is Monica, a 22 year old fresh graduate of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) that majored in Chemical Engineering batch 2009. Monica now works in the public sector, specifically in national oil and gas regulation and oil and gas development programs. She is an alumnus of SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta. She spent her childhood growing up in New York and is accustomed to the urban lifestyle. Now she resides in South Jakarta, right near Bintaro. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and travelling. She loves music, food, fitness and style. She sings in a band, plays the clarinet at her campus orchestra, enjoys cooking, baking and working out at the gym, and loves spending the day with books, movies, and good company. Monica is active in various organizations and activities. She is eager to seek knowledge and experience and is keen on building a wide and productive network. Monica has interests in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, energy, education, and world issues. She has plenty of dreams and is driven to strive to make them come true. Monica has a lifelong mission to become a blessing to others. No matter what she ends up being, she wants her life and what she does be useful to other people.

The topics of this blog range from life experiences, recommendations, skin care, tips, music, and just random stuff that she wants to write about. She treats this blog as her media of expression that is open for the world to see and perhaps even learn from. She writes to express, not to impress. The language of her blog posts are a mix of English and Indonesian. Let us not ruin a good day by negative critics, hate comments, or insults. Other than that, Monica is open to constructive critics, questions, suggestions, and other positive feedback 🙂 Happy blog reading, I hope you find my blog useful or at least worth the read. Have a fabulous day and God bless 🙂

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Boston, February 2013. We were staying at the Taj on Newbury St. and when we woke up it was snowing!

37 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. hehe iya sama-sama ya makasinya, itu dibuat sewaktu saya tugas di radio pemkab kampar-riau. mudah2an artikel tentang pengenalan tentang komputer dapat bermanfaat bagi siapa ja yang membutuhkan, 🙂

  2. Thanks ya sudah kunjungi blog ku. Memang saya suka matematika, jurusan saya juga dari matematika. Saya lebih banyak suka ke matematika murninya. Hebat juga ya sdh ikut OSN,

    Kalau ada yang mau cari soal-soal matematika bisa kunjungi blogku di:

    Salam damai,


  3. ^_^ hahaha.. lengkap banget biodatanya.

    Wah.. tinggal di PETUT yah…!!???

    Berarti gak jauh dari kontrakan saya, di Swadharma, kompl BNI.

    salam kenal aja…!

  4. Hey there! coincidentally bump to your blog while researching sth hahaha. Apa kabar dek Monik. All the best for your dream dear! One day it will be yours!

  5. Hello Monic, sangat menginspirasi blognya. 🙂 Gue juga pengen nih bisa lancar bahasa inggris dan punya score TOEFL yang bagus, tapi kadang gue pesimis and gak realitis. Hehehe, menurut Monic dengan umur gue yang baru 21th bisa gak sih buat ngelakuin hal itu? Karena gue ngerasa waktu gue dulu kepake cuma berangan bisa tapi action nya nothing. Thanks ^^

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