My ultimate lifelong mission: become a blessing for others.

  1. Fall in love, get married, have children and become a toned down loving tiger mother slash superpower career woman. 😛
  2. Make it on the Forbes list of powerful women.
  3. See my kids graduate from global top schools.
  4. Give scholarships to talented kids from North Sumatera, my roots.
  5. Be a speaker on TED (the global one).
  6. Move back to New York.
  7. Go to graduate school, work my ass off, and get a Summa Cum Laude!
  8. Get a master’s degree in the US either in Cosmetics Engineering, Sustainable Energy, or Harvard Business School
  9. Work in a global consulting firm or major oil and gas or cosmetics company.
  10. Live in the US and work in a Consulting/Chemical/Oil and Gas/Cosmetic’s company there.
  11. Be an expert and entrepreneur.
  12. Build libraries in communities in Indonesia. Revitalize school libraries and hold annual children camps to encourage lifelong learning, friendship, love of culture, arts, science, sports and reading.
  13. Work in the United Nations when I reach an older age.
  14. Buy a house in Bandung for my parents. Jakarta is simply unbearable.
  15. Build a family business.
  16. Travel around the world.
  17. Take my parents and my siblings on vacation. I pay.
  18. Do something about the cocoa that my uncle grows in my grandparents’ land.
  19. Produce a lot of writing: for magazines, journals, websites, newspapers.
  20. Be able to enjoy the lavish wonders in life.
  21. Give back to those who need it.
  22. Stay humble, responsible, and passionate along the way.

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